J&K floods: Why Army is the real well wisher of valley people, not the separatists

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Army rescuing victim in Kashmir
Kashmir is really facing worst humanitarian crisis as flood has taken lives of more than 200 people and damaged thousands of houses in the State .

The grim situation can be gauged by the fact that total 3000 villages have been affected by floods and out of that 390 are totally cut off from the rest of the state. Though one can't prevent such calamity, which is worst of its kind in six decades but at least putting all efforts in providing relief and rescue operations, one can do little in the direction.

Though Modi government has extended help in every possible way giving the impression that they are with them in these tough moment, but the way our Armed forces has performed their heroic act on the front, that is really praiseworthy. 

Army men- Best friend of the victims

According to a India today report, the Army, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) are working on war footing level in facilitating medical supplies and solar lamps to these affected areas. Without caring for their lives, they are doing relief and rescue operations. Over 2700 victims have been evacuated by NDRF team till now.

An official report says that apart from 23 transport aircraft , a total of 26 choppers of IAF, too, are doing their operations in flood affected areas. The helicopters like 05 C130J Hercules, one C-17, 2 IL76s, 12 AN32s and 26 helicopters (04 Chetaks and 22 Medium Lift Helos) are doing all out efforts in rescuing people. Reportedly the defence personnel are going out of the way and helping the marooned victims in the valley.

They are providing loads of medicine, food, clothes and other essential materials to worst affected area. The dedication of Army can be gauged by this comment of Army Chief General Dalbir Suhag. He said, "Soldiers won't return to barracks until the last man has been brought to safety".

Separatists sitting in their comfy home leaving people at mercy of god 

The Army is considered as biggest enemy in the valley and that is mainly because of some cases of inhuman behavior by these personnels. But rather than their own demeanor, it's the separatists who make common people anti Army just to sustain their vested interests.

These separatists who always pretend that they are the real protector of Kashmiri people are sitting in their comfortable home, leaving common people in lurch. Not even a single leaders from the All Party Hurriyat Conference, the umbrella body of the Kashmiri separatists have been seen in action till now. Similarly people of valley is also raising finger about other leader JKLF Chief Yasin Malik who is cooling his head in Delhi.

Shahid Khan, a Shikara-rider from the Dal Jheel of Srinagar, is one of the lucky person, who came to Delhi for some work. He told OneIndia, "Earlier, I got to know that JKLF Chief Yasin Malik has met flood-hit people. But now, I got an information that Malik is in Delhi. I don't understand how can he desert his people during such time." "In Delhi, he is saying that his party is focusing on the flood-relief work. Hurriyat is just deceiving Kashmiri people", he further said.

Renowned Filmmaker and social activist, 57-year-old Ashoke Pandit said, "now Kashmiri people should realise that separatists like Geelani and Yasin Malik, can never raise their voice for the their well-being."

That is not all. The mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks Hafiz Saeed has even blamed India for this flood in PoK.

Modi government's effort is being praised even by Opposition

Whenever such nature's fury strikes anywhere in country, incumbent Government always faces flak for not doing enough for affected people. But it gives nice feeling saying that Modi government has really done a stupendous work on this front. This is the first time I have seen that there is no blame game stuff and Central government in tandem with State Government is helping the hapless victims.

Even Opposition which is meant for criticising every move of Government whether it is good or bad has praised Central government this time. Congress general secretary Digivijaya Singh who is known for taking up cudgel against Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on twitter, "Commend the rescue by DMRF, Army, Police and Security Forces in J&K and also GOI and PM for prompt action and reaching out to people in PoK".

Another leader from Congress Ghulam Nabi Azad, former State chief minister said, "I had spoken to the Prime Minister. I am very happy with his response. "He (Modi) was very quick to visit the state and announce a package of Rs 1,000 crore."

Modi has definitely proved that national crisis is above party politics things. He even offered helping hand to Pakistani government putting aside all the recent differences. Even State Governments have announced financial aid to replenish the devastation unleashed by the flood. Though State election might be the real reason for the support, but then the way everybody right from Centre to State has given the helping hand to flood victim  that is really laudable. This has set an example that partisan politics will never come in the way and not on the matter of national interest at least. 

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