Isa's visa issue not linked to Maulana Masood Azhar says former R&AW chief

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There is no need to make a big issue out of the issue relating to Dolkun Isa, the Uyghur activist. To link this issue with the Chinese move blocking a ban on Maulana Masood Azhar is a figment of one's imagination says former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, C D Sahay.

Sahay tells OneIndia that is laughable when the media makes such a big issue out this. When a delegation is scheduled to arrive, bulk visas are issued. When a background check is conducted and if it is found that the persons is on the list of the Interpol, the same can be withdrawn.

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None have become stronger or weaker:

Sahay says that it has been projected as eye ball to eye ball confrontation between India and China. According to me this is a non-issue and to link it with the Chinese move to block a ban on Maulana Masood Azhar is an absolute figment of one's imagination.

There was a programme to be held at Dharmashala with the Dalai Lama and delegates had enrolled for the same. In such cases bulk visas are cleared. If an error has been noticed or pointed out, it would be corrected. India did ascertain the details relating to Isa and later cancelled his visa. This was not due to any Chinese pressure or the entire episode was not enacted to prove a point to China, Sahay also says.

I am quite perplexed when I read in the media that India gave into Chinese pressure. This is not correct. This according to me a non-issue blown out of proportion. Such issues take place everywhere and errors are rectified. Even if a visa was granted to him, he would have been stopped from entering once it was found out that Isa was on the list of the Interpol says the former R&AW chief.

To say that India has become stronger or weaker in this issue is not correct. It is a simple procedural matter which was corrected once realised that there was a red corner alert issued against him, Sahay also points out.

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