Indo-Pak talks: PM Modi seeks proof of action, Army apprehensive

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The meeting between the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan at Ufa in Russia was much spoken about. This time around the talks ended on a different note and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi made it extremely clear that talks alone are not sufficient and Pakistan would need to show proof of its actions.

While the talks were in the right direction, there is a lot of apprehension among the armed forces along the Indo-Pak border about the seriousness with which Pakistan would take steps to ensure that there is peace.

PM Modi seeks proof of action from Pak

The problem with Pakistan is that their Prime Minister and the army/ISI have different voices.

Show us proof:

Sources tell OneIndia that the Indian Prime Minister was extremely clear during the talks. While he favoured a long term solution to the Indo-Pak problem, he however stated clearly that Pakistan needs to act and also show proof. Issues such as Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi or the 26/11 trial in Pakistan are not just meant to be discussed.

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While assurances from Pakistan are always welcome, this time around there is a need to go beyond that and show proof of its actions, Modi also stated. With proof of actions, the confidence would also build up the Indian Prime Minister noted.

While there have been several such talks in the past, it has always broken down due to cease fire violations and also the unprecedented favouritism Pakistan has often shown towards persons who are counter productive to India's peace and stability.

Army is apprehensive:

The army is however apprehensive and says that the assurance given by Nawaz Sharif will be taken with a pinch of salt. While we welcome the assurances and the decisions during the talks at Ufa, we however cannot let down our guard.

The army and the ISI thinks differently. While Sharif made it clear it would act against non-state actors, we all know for a fact who remote controls these persons, the army officer also informed.

Pakistan would need to first dismantle the non-state actors along the border. We want to be sure that the army and the ISI in Pakistan is serious about it. While we would make every effort to de-escalate tensions along the border, there is a great deal that even Pakistan would need to do, the officer further informed.

As per the intelligence bureau there are nearly 42 camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir which cater to various terrorist groups. These are 24/7 launch pads for terrorists and this infrastructure needs to be first dismantled by Pakistan, the army official further noted.

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