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Has ISIS upgraded to chemical weapons?

By Vicky
Google Oneindia News

The use of chemical weapons by the ISIS cannot be ruled out completely. The ISIS which not only wages a brutal war is also going gradually into governance mode and this would mean that they get better access to chemical weapons.

Several persons had reported the smell of chlorine and other toxic chemicals after the attack on Idlib in Syria. These are worrying signs as the ISIS looks to improvise on its weapons with each attack. It had also claimed recently that it is capable of sourcing nuclear weapons and experts even stated that the group can well afford it.

Has ISIS upgraded to chemical weapons?

Chemical weapons are worrying

The war at idlib suggested that the ISIS had been using toxic chemicals. Several rescue workers had stated that while undertaking operations post the attacks, there was a strong smell of chlorine. Investigators too felt that there could have been chemicals used by the ISIS during the attack.

The worry ahead for everyone is that the ISIS is seizing government owned territory in Syria at a very brisk pace.

There have been concerns about chemical weapon stockpiles may have fallen into the hands of the ISIS. This poses a major risk and going by the manner in which the ISIS has been staging attacks, it would come as no surprise if they use chemical weapons extensively.

Impact has always been a factor for the ISIS and in a bid to make each attack more brutal than the other, it is quite capable of deploying the dirtiest of weapons during an attack.

ISIS looks for nuclear weapons

The ISIS had made a proud proclamation that it was capable of sourcing nuclear weapons. It had issued a statement two months back in which it claimed that it had managed to tap resources in Pakistan to source nuclear weapons. There are rogues in Pakistan who will provide us with nuclear weapons if we give them money, the ISIS statement had also claimed.

While it may not seem as easy as they have termed it, it is still a matter of concern. The ISIS when it seizes territory sets up a governance module. This would mean that they have more access to money and also the state mechanism which has now come under their control.

They are also able to deal better with rogue scientists who are ready to sell out of large chunks of cash.

The ISIS as we all know is a cash rich organization. It has several oil wells under its control which has been the money spinner. In addition to this, the ISIS also runs a huge army apart from undertaking very expensive campaigns.

Adding to their coffers is the so-called destruction of the ancient museums which it has claimed were anti-Islam.

While for the rest of the world it appears to be a mindless act of destruction the real story is that they steal the artifacts and smuggle it for high prices. This also adds to their coffers so that they keep their high profile war or attacks going.

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