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CS on Indian Cricket’s Supreme Hour of Cherished Success…!!

By Dr. C S Rajan
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In the Covid Savaged World of 2020-21, the Indian Cricketing Stars wrote a Charismatic Story into the books of cricket's history, in the Chapters Specific to overseas Tests. The Climactic Series win over the Champion Side of the Cocky and Savvy Aussies, was by a side beset of Contusions and Soreness. The side also had a Combined Scarcity of experience, but this only added to the Courage and Spunk of resolve to stand tall and face the red Cherry Shining ball, directed to give a 'Chin Song' as it passed Close to the Skull of the batsmen. This did not deter our cricket Cubs' Stance.

CS on Indian Cricket’s Supreme Hour of Cherished Success…!!

On the field, the Carefree Siraj, the Crafty Shradul, the new Cap Starters, Coy and Shy Natarajan and the Cunning Sundar, paid back the Aussies in Coins (balls) Similar to what the Indians faced. Catches in Slips were held, and Crouching Short leg fielders were intimidating too. Completely Surprised, the Aussies lost their Complete Score (of 2 innings) of wickets, without too much of a gap of runs.

While batting, the Combatant Shubman Gill and the Capable (Rohit) Sharma were the Openers. Courageous 'Shabu' blunted the Aussie attack with over ninety runs, Compiled Skillfully with Charm and Style. It was the Cheteshwar Soldier Pujara that faced and defended over a double Century of Scud missile like balls, often with his own frail Compact Structure. Ajinkya Rahane and Mayank Aggarwal Contributed Smaller, yet Crucial Scores. Cavalier Stumper Rishabh then entertained the Crowds Swarmed around TV sets across the globe, with his Cricket ball Striking prowess. It was but a Credit of Sanction that he scored the winning runs. The Calm Sundar and the Cubbish Shardul Carefully Stitched a Combination Solid to see us Close the Separation in runs in the first innings. Together all the batsmen, with Competent Smartness, Checked and Staved off the Cummins Storm, the Charging Stag Hazlewood, the Canny Starc, and the Conniving Spinner Lyon. Chirping Smith, and Paine, the Counterpart Skipper, had little effect on the Concentration and Solid resolve of the Indian Batsmen.

Batting on a 5th day Pitch, Team India wore down the rival bowlers to Chip Slowly at the deficit total, by Collecting Singles and a few boundary Crossing Sixes. Cut Shots, Cover Splitting drives and a few Cool Sweep shots brought out the Choice of Strokes, the Indian batsmen possessed. With just 2 overs of play left, the final Culminating Set score was overhauled, much to the Coveted Sensation of joy to all Indians, both at the ground, and also all over the world.

So, the true Character and Skill of the Team India was revealed. The modern version of the Classic Saga of 'David beating Goliath', that too, in the latter's own Castle Stadium at the GABBA, had been enacted to Categorical Sublimity. Each player was a Cog of Strength in the Circle (wheel) of Success. Not to forget the motivating Coach Shastri, and the Captain Silent (Jinks) that held the Control Strings with aplomb. Back room Conscientious Staffers of Catapultists (Slingers) and Squeezers (Physiotherapists) did their jobs with gusto. The lexicon ran out of the Commentators' Superlatives of description of the whole event and the evoked Charmed Sentiments.
Congratulations and Salutations to all the members of India's Cricket Squad.

(Dr. C S Rajan is a senior consultant surgeon and a cricket enthusiast_)

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