Why China's betrayal on Pakistan is well-deserved

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Bengaluru, April 23: Pakistan and China deserve each other, especially when rumors are rife that Pakistani officials are now wondering whether they have been betrayed by China.

Just a day after China made bombastic annoucements regarding helping the economic and infrastructural development of Pakistan, doubts have emerged that China may not have given the expected loan or assistance in the first place.

Xi JInping-Nawaz Sharif

According to sources, China's assurance of offering assistance to the extent of $46 billion, may not be fulfilled since it is believed that Xi may not have agreed to invest even one third of the amount.

What goes around comes around

Does Pakistan deserve this? Considering the past couple of instances where it did not keep its promises and assuarances toward various nations, one can only say what goes around comes around.

History is witness to the Bin Laden assassination and the way USA went about it. While Pakistan had assured the superpower about revealing the coordinates of the Al-Qaeda chief, it never made an attemot to help them track him.

Bin Laden

Interestingly, Laden was spotted in Pakistan by the spies, but the authorities claimed not to know about it. An eye-opener toward the inherent corruption of the Pakistani intelligence ISI, the Laden episode was a pandora's box, showing how the ISI had warned Laden everytime the US forces closed in on him.

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Sources in the US intelligence believe that Pakistan was not bothered about the deadly terrorist, but about the money that they would lose if he was caught. According to a wikileaks article, "Pakistan received $1 billion annually in non-military aid and $300 million in "separate" military assistance."

On top of that, attempts were made to pump the ISI-trained militants into the Indian territory.


The war over territory

It betrayed India in a unique way. The ceasefire violations are a case in point. Despite repeated urges from the then Manmohan Singh government and later the Narendra Modi government, violations continued.

According to a Times of India report, 2014 recorded 562 ceasefire violations in Jammu and Kashmir, which is also considered the highest in 11 years since the truce was signed in 2003.

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On being confronted, Pakistan reacted sharply putting India at blame for "breach of trust" and asked it to maintain peace and transquility on the INternational border and the line of control.

It was about time that the scores are settled!

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