Ceasefire violations: It is high time Modi Government walks the talk

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Army in Jammu & Kashmir
Five civilians were killed and 25 were injured as Pakistani Rangers resorted to indiscriminate firing on Indian positions in Arnia sub-sector of the international border in Jammu district during the night on Monday.

Govt sends tough message to Pakistan

Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Defence Minister Arun Jaitley may have condemned the incident and asked Pakistan to change its attitude towards India. But a pertinent question arises are simply condemnations sufficient enough to stop such provocations by Pakistani Army, which is constantly violating the truce?

Stern messages proving not enough

One of the reasons for Narendra Modi's accession to was that he will stop repeated aggressions from across the border as all that the erstwhile UPA government did was criticising the neighbouring country and not taking bold steps. But nothing substantial has been seen even after a change in government. Things are still the same along the borders.

Modi made no mention of ceasefire violations in assembly poll rallies

Modi in almost every rally attacked the Manmohan Singh government for failing to stop Pakistani aggression and its failure to prevent loss of precious lives on the border areas. The BJP's PM candidate had boldly said that 'one needs a 56-inch chest' to stop Pak's aggression.

Moreover, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday, made no mention of such unprovoked firings by Pakistan in any of his poll rallies in Haryana. Forget about critising Islamabad, the PM didn't even pay his condolences to those killed in the mortar shelling.

Well, its quite obvious on the part of a politician who is campaigning for his party in a poll bound state. But, isn't there a difference between Narendra Modi and other politicos? People of this country expect bold actions from the new government and an end to such ceasefire violations.

It was expected from the fearless PM to send out strong message to Islamabad to stop these unprovoked firings across the border. Sadly, the PM made no mention of it in any of the rallies he attended. Certainly, raising such an issue would have simply backfired upon him as it would have given an opportunity to his rivals to attack him.

The Pakistani Army is not only indulged in ceasefire violations but also promotes cross border terrorism and these firings are also aimed at felicitating a passage to the terrorists to infiltrate into Indian territory. This disturbs the peace of sensitive Kashmir Valley and will also put adverse impacts over upcoming assembly polls in the state.

Its not that nothing has been done so far, Indian troops have also retaliated to these provocations and minimised the chances of infiltrations. But that was being done during UPA time as well, so what has changed even after a change in the government? People are still dying and the government is still looking helpless.

Time for government to walk the talk

It is high time the new government walks the talk to stop repeated ceasefire violations. It is widely known fact that the government of Pakistan has no control over its Army. Hence New Delhi must try and build diplomatic pressure over Pakistan and its Army to stop such acts of aggression and promoting cross border terrorism. The only possible way to stop aggression of Pakistani Army is by imposing global sanctions. If that happens the Army will be forced to stop its nefarious activities.

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