Cabinet reshuffle: Why Modi's 'Special 21' of plumbers, farmers should not be a surprise?

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Cabinet meeting
New Delhi, Nov 11: Keeping his campaign promise, Prime Minister Narendra Modi indeed brought people from the grassroot level to the top. His new inductions in the Cabinet and their not belonging to affluent backgrounds is proof of that.

The selection of Hansraj Gangaram Ahir (an agriculturalist) and Vijay Sampla (a Dalit labourer and a plumber) raised many eyebrows on Modi's choice, but are we surprised?

Politics is all about 'humble origins'

Including Prime Narendra Modi, we have an entire history of leaders from the grassroot level. In fact, there is no minimum educational qualification for any Indian to become an MLA, MLC or MP.

The only deciding criteria is he/she should be an Indian. No wonder, we have been host to decoits, film stars, housewives and more.

Rabri Devi: Wife of RJD leader Laloo Prasad Yadav and a housewife, she had no experience until her husband was jailed and she had to be the face of the party and was appointed the Chief Minister of the state in a haste. She is uneducated and did not even complete her junior schooling and was married at the age of 14.

Late Phoolan Devi: A dreaded decoit of her time, she never went to school as she was married off to an old man at a very young age. She faced molestation and sexual assault by several men till her anger turned her into a decoit.

She later surrendered to the police and was later released on parole. All the charges against her were removed. She joined the Samajwadi party and became a member of the parliament in Mirzapur. She was later assassinated.

Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa: Both the leaders did not study after Class 10. While Karunanidhi went into script writing, poems and books before joining politics, Jayalalithaa wanted a career in films, despite earning herself scholarships. Both are very popular leaders in Tamil Nadu.

Golma Devi: Wife of Meena community leader Kirori Lal Meena, Golma Devi became an MLA. Not educated at all, she was not even able to read her oath during the swearing-in ceremony.

The chief minister of Rajasthan, who had appointed Golma Devi, said in her defence that it is not necessary to be educated to administer people; you must have a strong leadership quality.

While the above-mentioned are just a few instances in politics, there are more like Jaffer Sharif who was a driver turned politician who later became the railway minister; Captain Vijaykanth, etc.

Better understanding or decapitated politics?

Many rue that Indian democracy has more flaws than advantages. While it gives equal opportunities to all, it also handicaps the thought process of progressive politics.

Indeed, education channelizes resources to the right direction with tried and tested theories and practical experience. Experts may argue otherwise, citing Narendra Modi's example.

If that is not the answer, then what is?

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