'Border Trust': A veiled threat or diplomatic discussions?

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Narendra Modi's diplomatic visit to China, just after the latter's declaration of the China-Pakistan economic corridor last month, has given room for various speculations.

But, the most evident of them is the fact that Modi visited China to take stock of the country's relations with Pakistan.

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More of diplomacy than threat

Clearly, the economic corridor and the staple Chinese visa for the people of Arunachal Pradesh has been discussed quite often in the political quarters. And the fact that Modi discussed this with the Chinese premier without much ado justifies the concern.

There cannot be a possible undercurrent of threat going on, especially because India would not like two enemies in the North and the north East (when the later is willing to give in to the friendship of India).

However, while the China visit was on the charts, it can be said that the purpose of the visit was dual. Bringing business to India and discussing the 'border trust' issues.

Why the 'Make-in-India' clarion call not discussed?

China is a competitor and not an investor. Given a very closed market in China and set rules and regulations for trade and business, China will have its own reservations in investing in India, unless it has an absolute motto. Moreover, there are no Indian businessmen operating out of the country, forget individuals.

Furthermore, China has even more stronger reasons for not investing in India because the Chinese markets are already affluent here that too with a comfortable price margin of 20-50%. While the Indians prefer buying Chinese products for their appeal and variety in prices, there may not be a chance of Indian products (unless they are specific to the geological scenario) to win the hearts of the Chinese.

So, be it a threat or a diplomatic discussion, the success of the Chinese trip can only be judged in the future.

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