Bedi likely to be BJP's CM candidate: Why Saffron party outshined AAP in electroal strategies

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At a time when political experts had started writing off for BJP in Delhi Assembly polls, the Saffron party played a master card. After sniffing the looming defeat in the State poll, mainly because of couple of factors including lack of a credible party face and the spill over effect of the Central Government, the BJP brought former team Anna member Kiran Bedi in the team.

It looks like this time Modi party doesn't want to leave any stone unturned as they fell short of four seats in the 70 member Assembly in 2013. Read more- Woman power in Delhi polls: After Bedi, Amar Singh's protege Jaya Prada likely to join BJP

BJP's masterstroke to Kejriwal!

BJP knows that AAP is the only competitor which can wobble its way to move into driver's seat in the Delhi election. So, the Saffron party is toying with all the permutations and combinations to outshine the rival party.

Reportedly, in coming days more women power will be added to the party which will help it in giving impression that BJP is the only women friendly party amongst all (AAP, Congress).

Here is the analysis on how Bedi will lift the sagging morale of BJP.

AAP will find it tough to counterattack Bedi
Aam Aadmi Party will really find it tough to deal with Kiran Bedi who has turned the table to Arvind Kejriwal now. India's first woman police officer Bedi, and Kejriwal were once partners in social activist Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign which shook India in 2011.

Bedi and Kejriwal later fell out because of differences on a number of issues.

Now as Bedi has joined the Modi brigade and has given upper hand to BJP, it will be really interesting to watch how Kejriwal will deal with his former acolyte. Experts say that because of a psychological barrier as Bedi was once a part of their crusade against corruption, Kejriwal will not be able to up the ante against her.

BJP will project anti-corruption image of party through IPS officer

Kiran Bedi is known for her multiple avatar including celebrated former IPS officer , Magsaysay award Winner, Asian lawn tennis champion and well acclaimed activist.

Her image is of an upright, honest officer who can wrangle even with big politicians for the sake of her duty. As young officer of the traffic police, she had once ordered to tow away former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's car as it was parked illegally.

Since then she was given the nick name of 'crane' Bedi who never tolerates indiscipline and violation of law and order.

Giving larger message to the Delhi voters, Bedi yesterday said that she knows both, how to do work and how to get it done. BJP may project this image of Bedi to cobble up people's support in one of the most competitive assembly election.

Women power will bring voters to BJP's kitty
With three women celebrity (Jaya Prada, Bedi, Ilmi) in the party, it seems that BJP is in a mood to cash on the women power in the most competitive poll in Delhi. It is being believed that party wants to use Bedi's experience in police force.

The saffron party may give a loud and clear message to the people that party is very serious with deteriorating law and order situation in Delhi.

If party will be elected in the election, it will provide better security for women folks who are presently at the receiving end in the capital. Party may hint that being a woman herself, Bedi will understand woman's plight and agony.

Credible face for Delhi BJP

At a time when BJP leadership was in complete disarray in the capital, BJP got a face in the form of Bedi.
Because of the reason that party had no 'vote pulling' face in Delhi with whom people could associate, Modi had to take the reins in his hands.

It is expected that now, Bedi who will possibly be declared as CM candidate will fill that gap. Though some of the top leaders may oppose this decision of the party, but that will be limited to mute murmurs only. These leaders know that when Modi gives his assent to anything and it is also subscribed by the master strategist Amit Shah, then there is no scope of this whimpering business.

Modi+Bedi combo

Bedi is known for her soft corner for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She has been praising Modi ever since she had left Anna Hazare's membership.

Now, it is being believed that Bedi can claim that if we will be voted to power there will be more coherence between Delhi and central government. We will be able to implement things in a better way as Modi government will support in every possible way.
BJP will project Modi-Bedi combo to woo people of Delhi in party's favour.

Though, only time will tell whether BJP will be given full mandate or not, but one thing is crystal clear that party has defeated AAP in it's own game. Kiran Bedi's inclusion in BJP will definitely prove to be a game-changer for the Saffron party in coming days.

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