Aarushi Talwar Double Murder Case: 'Talvar' leaves many questions unanswered

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It was a small and happy family for the Talwars, till one ill-fated night on May 15,2008, shattered their lives forever. 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar was mysteriously murdered in her Sector-25, Jalvayu Vihar apartment in Noida at midnight.

To add to the murky mystery, Hemraj, their servant from Nepal, was also found brutally murdered two days later, from the terrace of Talwars' residence, in a decomposed state on May 17.

Aarushi Talwar

The sensational and high-profile double murder case has been a subject of heated debate that who killed Aarushi and Hemraj, from last seven years.

Botched-up investigation ruined it all

As the the Uttar Pradesh police began investigation to solve the puzzle, the initial pin of suspicion pointed towards the parents of Aarushi- the dentist couple, Dr Rajesh Talwar and his wife Nupur Talwar. [Talwars deliberately tried to avoid Hemraj's body?]

According to UP police, it was per-conceived as an open and shut case, as nobody entered the house sand none went out, on the night of crime.

Due to lackadaisical attitude of the UP police, the case was eventually handed over to the CBI. [SP transferred after lapses in Aarushi Murder case]

Arun Kumar, the CBI incharge, who was handling the case, came to the conclusion that Aarushi's parents were not behind the double murder, with the available evidences. [Noida double murder probe handed over to STF]

To come to the conclusion, he questioned everyone related to Talwars from neighbours to servants. He even conducted narco-analysis tests on the Talwars as wells as on Krishna, Rajesh Talwar's clinic compounder.

Two more domestic helps- Rajkumar and Vijay were questioned. All three of them were later released as no solid evidence was against them.  [STF takes over probe, SHO suspended]

However, as the probe progressed, the then CBI director's tenure came to an end and a new CBI director took the charge. And he eventually shunted out Arun Kumar and rejected his conclusion.

In 2009, he appointed another incharge AGL Kaul, who like the UP police came to the same findings that Talwars were behind the double murder. [Aarushi Murder: Mayawati removes top cops]

On Dec 29, 2010, the CBI filed the closure report in the case due to insufficient evidence, naming Rajesh Talwar as the sole suspect, but Talwars opposed it. [CBI announces new team to investigate Aarushi case]

In Jan 2011, they filed a petition protesting against the closure report filed by the CBI. However, it was rejected by the special CBI court. [CBI investigator of high-profile murder cases passes away]

Based upon their findings on the basis of circumstantial evidences, a court ordered proceedings against Talwars. On Nov 25, 2013, the Talwars were pronounced guilty by the special CBI court. [CBI pressurised not to arrest Nupur Talwar]

On Nov 26, 2013, both of them were awarded life imprisonment, as prime suspects. In Jan 2014, the couple challenged the Allahabad High Court. [First CBI probe into Aarushi murder case had 'loopholes': Ex-director]

Conspiracy theroies

There were reports in the media that raised a question on Aarushi's character as well as on that of Talwar couple. Some unconfirmed reports even claimed that Talwars were indulged in wife-swapping with another high-profile couple. ['Faced pressure to hide rape angle in Aarushi's postmortem']


Campaign to support Talwars

Nupur Talwar's sister in law Vandana Talwar has launched an online campaign, Justiceforaarushitalwar.com, to prove the innocence of Talwars. [Aarushi case throws up more surprises even after trial]

Talvar generates curiosity to know the truth

The recently released Bollywood film Talvar, directed by Meghna Gulzar, once again threw light on a seven-year-old double murder case, that was never forgotten by Indians as well as by the Indian media. Even today, it continues to generate the same curiosity when the case is discussed.

[Aarushi Murder Case: How Bollywood movie Talvar likely to help the Talwars legally]

The film meticulously portrays the tragic incident and leaves the audience with an undecided mind. It leaves many questions unanswered as it is in the real life mystery. However, after watching the movie, many will buy the theory that Talwars are innocent and some will cling upon the verdict given by the court.


Only those close to Talwars and they themselves know what happened on the horrendous night of May 15, 2008, that changed their lives for worst, that no one can imagine. [Book on Aarushi murder says no evidence to prove Talwars guilty]

If Talwars are behind bars, in case if they are innocents, then it is a big fault in our country's criminal justice system. And if Talwars are the real culprits, then probably, they would have broken down publicly in last seven years.

Had the attitude of the UP police officials was fine enough to tackle the case intelligently and with a broadminded approach, the mystery might have been resolved long ago. Most of the evidence was destroyed due to their negligence.

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