A peek into the Lashkar-e-Tayiba's technological cell

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When the Lashkar-e-Tayiba attacked Mumbai on 26/11, as the horror of the strike unfolded in front of our eyes, we also got to witness how technologically savvy these terrorists were. Right from the use of satellite phones to the VoIP during the planning stages, technology was used to the hilt by the Lashkar.

Since 2008, the Lashkar has been experimenting with technology and has used it to its advantage on numerous occasions. Take a look at the recent strikes at Udhampur and Gurdaspur and going through the investigation details, one gets to see how much the Lashkar has used technology.


Thanks to a dedicated tech cell that the Lashkar operates and the job of the recruits is to innovate and make each and every attack as fool proof as ever.

The tech cell of the Lashkar which also comprises the Pakistan Cyber Army has been tasked with creating applications, setting up servers and hacking into networks.

Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that the Lashkar has made advancements in the field of technology and this is thanks to immense spending on its tech unit which is facilitated by the ISI.

The latest in the Lashkar's tech cell:

The investigations that were conducted into the Udhampur and Gurdaspur attacks has provided investigators with a lot of information. The information clearly suggests that the Lashkar has made advancements in the field of technology. First it was found that during the infiltration carried for the Gurdaspur attack, all the terrorists had used nigh vision goggles.

However, the most telling of the technology used was the use of a private server. These private servers were set up specific to each attack. There were private servers set up separately for the Gurdaspur and Udhampur attacks. These were used only during the planning stages. Once the terrorists were ready to launch the attack the servers were taken down.

The investigators also discovered that each of the terrorists who were part of these strikes were using an application on their mobile phone. This app let the terrorists and the handlers speak and message each other using the app. The app was downloaded on the phones of only those involved in the attack.

With such dedicated applications and servers, it becomes a nightmare for any intelligence agency to track the activity of terrorists. While it is difficult, it is not impossible though, the IB officer assures.

Lashkar has always been tech savvy:

The Lashkar operatives who have been captured say that the outfit runs a dedicated technology laboratory in Muzzafarabad, Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The lab was set up in the year 2002 and there is a team of person who impart training to terrorists apart from developing applications.

The equipment stored at the lab includes laptops, computers, Global Positioning System devices, satellite phones, communication devices and electronic devices.

The Lashkar unlike the rest of the terror groups has emphasized very heavily on technology. They want to make every attack fool proof. Unlike the ISIS, Tehri-e-Taliban or the al Qaeda the Lashkar wants to ensure that the job is done but never claims credit for the attacks.

This is largely because it is the outfit which is extremely close to the ISI and claiming responsibility will lead to the officials in Pakistan.

The Lashkar has come a long way in the field of technology, IB officials say. They have been using applications heavily these days as opposed to the satellite phones. The Lashkar's intention is to dodge investigators and make sure that the attacks are fool proof.

IB officials say that they need to constantly upgrade their own technology in order to get the better of these terror groups. These days there is a lot of emphasis that is laid on the cyber space when compared to the earlier days when intelligence would be picked up from the ground, the IB officer also added.

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