A letter to the Indian voter

By: Radha Radhakrishnan
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Dear Indian Voter,

Elections to the State assembly of 5 states just concluded and I must say you have done the fabulous job of kicking lethargy and step out to cast your vote. You have used the biggest power in your hand to write, re-write fates of people like me.

I was keenly watching TV channels yesterday. Every TV channel - regional or national was covering the results announcements second by second. As always the live coverage was interspersed with ads and of course discussions with 'eminent panelists'... In one such discussion I saw the panelists credit you with maturity and responsibility in electing the right political party and thereby the right government. I was amused!

I have no doubts that you are a mature voter. I equally agree that you are responsible. My amusement is not about you. It is due panelists wrong conjecture. Let me explain. I will take the verdict of three states - West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to illustrate my view.

It has taken you 34 years to understand economic progress is key to a state's survival and a Communist Government cannot usher in economic progress! India opened up its economy to the world in 1991 and you took 2 decades since then to realise how the Reds you keep electing term after term have consistently deprived you of any growth.

Normally, they say, perseverance pays. Your Communist Government was exceptionally exceptional and you woke up to that reality a good two decades late.

You may ask what choice you had before? You had the chance to lean right but you overlooked several times. Then you found your 'saviour' in a lady often called the 'fire brand'. She shot to incredible fame when she ousted the biggest business conglomerate of our country out of your state. Now you are hoping the same person will bring you prosperity and economic growth.

In Tamil Nadu you again voted for a lady. You decisively reminded the incumbent, the wily old man that he and his family is very corrupt and does not deserve to be elected. You chose the person who was previously corrupt. These two leaders in the State constantly play Tom & Jerry - be it in 'fixing' and getting back at each other or in making them and their near and dear ones more prosperous. You are credited with short memory. You have forgotten the very lady who is accusing the old man of corruption, was so corrupt that she made headlines for months. By voting her you are hoping this time things will be different and you will have a clean and good governance.

In God's own country Kerala you spring a complete surprise. Your indecisiveness creates a situation of first among equals. I think you wanted Gods to decide who rules their country. You were hoping their choice would be the best for you.

In all your selections what you have displayed is you still live on hope. It is the only thing you cling onto. However bad the present you remain amazingly hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day. It is this quality in you that forces you to attempt a brighter future which every politician like me successfully denies to you. This time too will be no different. While you live on hope we thrive on your helplessness to make your life even more hopeless.

Thanks for giving our tribe another chance.


A Victorious Politician

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