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Change is coming: Modi threatens Congress, assures Indians

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Narendra Modi speech
Chennai, Sept 26: Sending an open warning for Congress-led UPA government, Modi asserted, "Those who know Tamil Nadu politics and India politics- change is coming. Strength from Tamil Nadu will take Delhi to task."

"I have come to Tamil Nadu earlier also but in my whole political career I have never seen such youth and huge gathering, never seen in my life," said the Gujarat CM.

Finally Modi concluded his speech thanking the youth of the state and said, "You have given new strength to both me and BJP. I thank you for that."

'Divisive' Congress divided India into 2: Modi roars in Trichy:
Accusing Congress of dividing the country in 1947, Narendra Modi asserted, "Congress is divisive.Congress also divided administration. For Kashmir something different - to do 2 things in one nation this divisive Congress did. For water the divisive Congress made one state fight against the other."

"In the name of language Congress made the nation fight and divided the nation. Every citizen fought together in 1857 but under this Congress Hindu and Muslims were divided," he added.

"This is the divisive Congress that divided people on the basis of caste and created fissions. Their divisive thought separated villages from cities made villages fight with cities."

Urging the people to remove Congress from power, Modi said, "We have to save the nation and if we want to take it ahead we need Mukti from this divisive Congress. More than you and me if someone who knows the Congress it is Mahatma Gandhi. And he knew the Congress well."

"Mahatma Gandhi's dream was the Congress be disbanded and we have to make this dream a reality. Free nation from Congress and those associated with it," Modi added.

Narendra Modi cracks Aadhar jokes on UPA, Manmohan Singh:
Speaking about the recent Supreme Court order, which says that Aadhar card is not mandatory for Indian citizen, Modi cracked jokes on UPA government-led by Manmohan Singh.

Modi taunted the Congress which tried to woo the Indians with its dream project "Aadhar". The apex court also asked the central and state governments not to issue Aadhar cards to illegal migrants.

Speaking about the Supreme Court order and UPA's failure, Modi said, I am placing one thing for the 1st time- For the last 3 years I am raising issues on Aadhaar card. I said Gujarat is a border state if you keep dolling out Aadhaar cards like this then illegal immigrants will get upper hand."

"What SC raised today, I raised 3 years ago. I said call a National Security Card meet, consult CMs but he did nothing. When SC has raised these points, PM must tell nation, were all his departments, Cabinet Ministers were on board."

"Were all states on board on Aadhaar? But you spent so much money just to show political colours and you need to answer nation for that," said Modi cornering the Central government.

Modi slams PM for having biryani with Nawaz Sharif in US:
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh received criticism for not calling off his meeting with his counterpart in Pakistan in US. BJP earlier on the day asked Manmohan Singh to cancel his meeting citing the terror attack in Jammu Kashmir.

"Indian, a nation of 125 crore...still how can people from Italy come and kill our fishermen? Pakistan Army can behead Indian soldiers," wondered Modi slamming the UPA government.

"Still, the Delhi Government eats Chicken Biryani with the Pakistan Prime Minister in name of protocol," added Modi without hiding his disappointment with Manmohan Singh who is expected to meet Nawaz Sharif.

Continuing his speech, Modi said, "I want to remind you of two things. In Brazil they got to know USA Govt is spying. Through agencies activities are monitored. Brazil refused to meet an American delegation."

"Is it not a matter of pride what their Government did for the nation. Edward Snowden had allegations that he leaked intelligent secrets. American Govt, wanted to arrest him. Russia gave shelter to Snowden but President Obama showed his strength."

Hailing Obama and criticising Singh, Modi said, "PM ji you are in USA, the nation wants to know- is nation's pride important or to look nice & show hurry to talk is your priority."

"We have a Government due to which our women are unsafe, our Jawans are unsafe, our fishermen are not safe," Modi added.

Similarities b/w Tamil Nadu & Gujarat, shows Narendra Modi:
Addressing the youth in the state, the PM candidate of the BJP spoke about the similarities between the two states -- Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Continuing his speech, Modi said, "Tamil Nadu and Gujarat share many common features. Both states played leading roles in freedom struggle. Gandhi ji from Gujarat and his conscience keeper Rajaji is from Tamil Nadu."

"While you have a mini Gujarat Sahukar Pet, we have mini Tamil Nadu in Maninagar. People of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have mingled with each other like sugar and milk without any problems with each other," added Gujarat CM.

The BJP PM also added, "Both are coastal states and have a history of sea based trade in the fields of trade and commerce. As coastal and border state we have similar problems. Guj fishermen (with Pakistan) and Tamil Nadu fishermen (with Sri Lanka) face similar problems."

Narendra Modi woos Tamilians, speaks in Tamil in Trichy:
The Gujarat Chief Minister has been welcomed by huge applause as he began his speech speaking in Tamil. Speaking about Tamil culture and literature, Modi said, "I have great pleasure and honour in visiting Tamil Nadu. Tamil people are hardworking, they are sincere people and above all Tamil people are loyal people."

"For Tamil people the workplace is worship place. Tamil is not only one of oldest languages but also one of the few living ancient languages. I am very fond of knowing about Sangam literature. Due to hard work and dedication of the people Tamil Nadu is one of the most advanced states in the nation. Products of TN competent in national and international market. Top software companies, many master minds from Tamil Nadu," added Modi.

Modi begins speech, pays tribute to Nairobi victims:
Paying tribute to those victims, who lost their lives during recent terror attack in Nairobi, Narendra began his speech. He observed two minute silence at the Trichy youth conference.

Are we cheerleaders for you? Rajnath asks Manmohan Singh:
"During the NDA Government we did not let inflation rise. None of our Ministers were corrupt. See what is happened now. We do not want the vote or support due to sense of fear but a sense on confidence," said Rajnath Singh.

Slamming prime minister Manmohan Singh, the party president claimed that the PM is a failure who has failed to accomplish his duty for the last ten years.

Threatening the "corrupt" UPA government-led by Congress, Rajnath Singh said that they are not cheerleaders who would be "silent spectators" while the ruling government will be indulged in corruptions. Finally Rajnath Singh concludes his speech.

Fulfil your duties as voters, Rajnath to Tamil youth in Trichy:
Youth must dream and be the harbinger of change said Rajnath Singh. Continuing his speech at the rally, the president also added, "The youth population will increase. For some it can be a burden but not for BJP. For us it is an asset."

Singh urged youngsters to register themselves as voters. He claimed that it is important if countrymen want to bring change in India. Speaking about BJP-ruled NDA government's era, Singh said that BJP has always expressed concerns for the problems of the youth. The nation has seen the work of the NDA Government.

Rajnath Singh addresses Modi as 'Future PM of India':
BJP President Rajnath Singh began his speech in Trichy. Calling Modi the "future PM of India", Rajnath claimed that the huge crowd gathered at the venue for Modi-storm. The party president apologised for not speaking in Tamil.

Modi, Rajnath arrive at venue, will Rajinikanth join BJP leaders?
Narendra Modi along with BJP President Rajnath arrived in Trichy. Now, BJP supporters and followers, who gathered at the venue, are expecting their superstar Rajinikanth to turn up to the G-corner ground in the city. The state party president invited the South Indian star to attend the youth convention organised in Trichy.

Narendra Modi likely to reach Trichy rally venue shortly:
Local BJP leaders are addressing the rally. Modi and other senior party leaders are expected to reach the venue shortly.

Watch Live Video here

Narendra Modi's rally in Trichy

Bomb hoax, protest create panic among Narendra Modi followers:
100 of protesters have been arrested outside collector office in Trichy ahead of Modi's crucial rally in Tamil Nadu. The sudden protest broke out outside collectorrate in the city. Earlier a hoax call created panic in the city. A bomb threat call sent police into a tizzy but it proved to be hoax.

Police said the call was received at the Office of the Assistant Commissioner of Police around 8 pm on Wednesday stating that a bomb had been planted at the dais, put up at the venue from where BJP leaders are to address the rally, and "nobody can prevent it from exploding."

Asked who was speaking, the caller had said "I am the one who is going to to plant the bomb." Police said they searched the area thoroughly but nothing was found and they are now trying to trace the number from where the call was made.

Narendra Modi to reach Trichy shortly:
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) PM candidate Narendra Modi is expected to reach Tiruchirapally (Trichy) in Tamil Nadu on Thursday, Sept 26. The Gujarat chief minister is expected to reach the city by 5 pm.

The most "popular leader" of the country, as he was referred by BJP President Rajnath Singh, Modi will address a youth convention of the party at G-corner grounds in Trichy.

This will be Modi's first visit to Tamil Nadu after his elevation as BJP's prime ministerial nominee. Rajnath Singh is one among the host of leaders who will be present at the mega rally.

State BJP leaders earlier had claimed that over two lakh people will attend the rally. The state police beefed up security at the venue. Modi will be taken from a secret route through his journey from the airport to Trichy.

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