EXCLUSIVE: Karunanidhi talks about political alliance and elections

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Karunanidhi's interview with Oneindia
In an exclusive interview, Muthuvel Karunanidhi, the head of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), tells Oneindia's chief editor Khader Khan how he wants to wait and watch the results for the upcoming 2014 elections.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Oneindia: You are known for taking decisions without much hesitations. Which was the decision you stagger a lot to take take?

Karunanidhi: As you said I have never wavered in taking any decisions.

Oneindia: It was you next to Anna in DMK, who is next to you?

Karunanidhi: DMK is biggest a democratic movement. So it will be decided by party's general body.

Oneindia: There is no area you haven't touched. According to you, where you haven't fared well?

Karunanidhi: I could have worked much harder and done better in all the the spheres, that's what I feel.

Oneindia: If your life history was going to be made as a film, who is best suited to do the role?

Karunanidhi: Why can't you give the chance to me only?

Oneindia: With so many years in public life, are you satisfied with the contribution you have given to Tamilians and Tamil Nadu?

Karunanidhi: Leave alone my satisfaction. Are you satisfied? I'm still working for the cause because I'm satisfied with what I have done. And my work for Tamilians and Tamil Nadu will continue till
my last day.

Oneindia: As a leader many people like you. Who are the leaders you like the most except Periyar and Anna?

Karunanidhi: I like all the leaders. There is no one I don't like. I want to behave in such a way that even those who don't like me should like me. If you ask me who are the leaders I like the most, then the list is, Kamarajar, Rajaji, Quaid E Millat, Indira Gandhi, my fried MGR, Posumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar, Jyothi Basu, the protector of social justice VP Singh, Vajpayee, brother Jeeva, MaPoSi and many. It is a long list.

Oneindia: Did DMK pulled out of Congress because of the difference of opinion on Eelam issue?

Karunanidhi: Not only that. Though congress central leaders were thankful and showed love and affection to me, few of the congress State level leaders were entirely opposite in their attitude. This is also a reason for split.

I would like to play my own self in a movie: Karunanidhi

Oneindia: Anti-communalism is the basis of Dravidian movement. But despite being a party of Dravidian movement, why DMK is not categorical in saying we won't align with BJP?

Karunanidhi: I told in DMK general body that, for us the chapter of BJP was over with Vajpayee. Was it not categorical? And after the meet where journalists asked me whether DMK was going to contest without Congress and BJP in the alliance, I answered yes and told we will contest only with the parties who are with us.

Oneindia: Gujarat riots happened when Vajpayee was PM. What is the difference you see between the BJP of Vajpayee era and present BJP?

Karunanidhi: We have pulled out of BJP immediately after the BJP was under Vajpyee changed its path. Don't you know?

Oneindia: In Tamil Nadu, DMK was generally friendly with left parties. But in recent years why is there no friendship between your party and left?

Karunanidhi: When I spoke in DMK general body meeting recently, I said: ''We are not bothered about what is the name of the party. But we are bothered about who is heading the party, how they are, how much they like us and how much they respect us. That is the criteria. It applies to Left-DMK friendship too. Alliance and friendships are no one way route. As far as I'm concerned, DMK is always inclined toward left parties and their philosophy.

Oneindia: Despite DMDK breaking its alliance with AIADMK, why is DMK not able to rope in Vijaykanth to its side?

Karunanidhi: The environment is like that, we are not able to understand each other well.

Oneindia: In your experience, do you think Eelam will ever be a issue in Tamil Nadu election scene?

Karunanidhi: Eelam issue will definitely have an impact in future elections. What is important is, the people should understand who is really working for the cause of the Eelam Tamils and who
is pretending to work. Tamilians all around the world have started to recognise the people who are exploiting the Eelam issue for their personal gains

Oneindia: In Kanchi Shankarraman murder case, DMK'ss parent party DK is protesting against the acquittal of Shankarachariyars and asking the State to appeal against the judgment. but
why is DMK so silent?

Karunanidhi: I don't generally comment against court judgments. Don't you know?

Oneindia: People who were chanting Dravidianism, Dravidars mantra are now bashing it. What is your take on it?

Karunanidhi: People who didn't knew the historical values, scientific thoughts on Dravidianism, Dravidars are the ones who are opposing it now. They were praising it once just for emotive
reasons. We have to see how long they are going to stick to their present stand.

Oneindia: In internet and social media, DMK is the most criticised party. Have you taken any steps to counter them?

Karunanidhi: I know that on internet, not only DMK, but all the parties are being ridiculed. This is because of the mentality of taking everything so easily and ridiculing them. It will go on for some time. Then the counter measures will automatically evolve.

Oneindia: The tragic ethnic war in Eelam is still midway and raises the question whether it concluded or not. At this juncture, what will be the right solution for the Eelam Tamilians?

Karunanidhi: The Brave leader and great warrior who fought for Eelam Tamilians with great stuff was brutally murdered by uncivilized army in the War. They even ravaged his movement. Now the helpless Eelam Tamils compromised and decided to live there with minimum necessities, but without anymore threat. They all mentally in big shock and even not know the way or side of their future. Some financially well off people have flown abroad and started a new beginning.

Some people here (TN) are thinking that 'donating supportive words' (giving voice) is the biggest sacrifice or duty to Eelam Tamilians and still continuing the same.

The right solution at this stage is, the UNO should conduct a memorandum among the Eelam Tamilians spread worldwide with the support of world communities and countries. This will help the Eelam Tamilians to take a correct and convenient political decision on their own. This is my wish and appeal to the world.

Oneindia: From 1996 you have took part in United Front, NDF and UPA govts. Political world knows you are an expert in predicting the winners or losers of the election. Maybe now also you may have an idea of the winner of 2014 General elections. Who will be the winner or loser in the 2014 election? If a non Congress rule comes at the center, what would be the role of DMK in that government?

Karunanidhi: The General Election is nearing in few months. At this stage, it is not good to answer or express opinions to this kind of questions based on assumptions.

In 2014, the govt will form by the party that gets majority in the election. It is not possible to answer a question whether Narendra Modi will form the government at the center.

Oneindia: Chief Ministers Narendra Modi and Naveen Patnaik are governing their states very well and winning the elections continuously. But in TN, UP, Kerala, people are changing the governments in every election. Your comments?

Karunanidhi: I won't accept the point that by giving good governance, you can win again. At the same time, I cannot accept that in TN, Kerala and UP ruling parties failed to give a good
administration, so we are losing the elections.

In fact, people want change every time, so they are voting against the ruling parties, that is the fact. The political observers will accept this point.

Oneindia: AAP has made a turning point in Delhi politics. Political observers see this as great change in the Indian polity. Will the urban India embrace this new party?

Karunanidhi: Let us wait and watch.

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