Bengaluru: Popular restaurant contains rat shit inside food packet; woman shares pics on Facebook

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Bengaluru, Dec 29: 2015 was the year when food items came under scanner when questions were raised on their safety measures. To complete the list, another shocking incident has been reported where the rat poop was found packed inside a packet of bisi-bele bath.

The incident happened at a popular eatery outlet, "Vasudev Adiga's", at Commercial Street, when a female journalist got the shock of her life when rat poop was found inside her takeaway parcel.

Rat Poop inside the packet of Bisi Bele Bath

Anusha Ravi, the woman, who purchased the food posted the horrific pics on her Facebook account. On Sunday, Dec 27, Anusha posted:


I would generally apologise for using a subject line like that but, I think this instance deserves nothing less, figuratively and literally. I placed an order of Bisi Bele Bath and asked for it to be parceled from Vasudev Adigas fast food pvt ltd Churchstreet, M G Road, branch at 2.45PM today (Sunday 27/12/2015) . They charged me Rs 40 for the dish and Rs 5 for container charges. What I didnt ask for however, was rat excreta that came with the Boondi.

Now please imagine my horror. Rat shit! And I repeat Rat shit in food ordered from Vasudev Adigas! Please take out time to see the pictures attached. Of the food, the rat excreta and the bill, which by the way, the staff tried to dunk in water, before I had to personally intervene and fish out.

The staff here even had the audacity to say he will exchange it, like hell I will eat from any of Vasudev Adigas outlets anymore! I didn't take back my money, neither did I exchange the product. I demanded that the entire box of this boondi be thrown into the bin and made sure they did in front of my eyes.

I didn't raise my voice against anyone of the staff members or shout and create a scene at the hotel because I don't believe in public nuisance. I put up this post first on their FB page but they seem to have deleted the post from there. And that's why I am forced to now put it up on my page directly!

But they should give me one reason why I should not sue them for sub-standard maintenance jeopardisng the health of all their customers. What kind of a bloody hotel has rats in the kitchen and dishes out food that has its excreta in it?

The staff here apologised and told me this will never happen again. But can u imagine what kind of food is being served at this restaurant? How many people must have already eaten this rodent excreta ridden food here? Will management of Vasudev Adigas take responsibility for any health issues that the customers face after eating this 'Shitty' food?"

Her post went viral:

VASUDEV ADIGAS, RAT SHIT IN YOUR FOOD! I would generally apologise for using a subject line like that but, I think...

Posted by Anusha Ravi onSunday, December 27, 2015

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