Video: Watch what happpens to hair when donated to God

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Bengaluru, Nov 24: Ever wondered what happens to all that hair that devotees donate to the God? In a country like ours where religious beliefs are strong, devotees donating their hair to the God as an offering is not strange.

However what is surprising is what happens to that hair once it is donated. You will be surprised to know that the hair is collected, treated, washed and used to make wigs and used in hair transplants and is even sold to the foreign market. This short video shows what happens after you have offered your hair to the God:

This is a big business here at the Dwarka Tirumala Temple, which makes millions of dollars every year.

The hair is washed, dried and sorted out on the type, colour, length and texture of the hair and then sold in the market. The sale however is not restricted just to India. China happens to be the biggest global market for the hair that is offered here.

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