Art of living's spiritual touch for ISIS struck Iraq

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"Iraq needs spirituality, ecnomic stability and over everything else, peace. Over 3.7million people have been displaced and half a million have turned refugees. ISIS needs to go for peace to prevail", said Mawahib-al-Shaibani, Program Director of The Art of Living who currently is spearheading its operation to rescue and support Yazidis trapped in Sinjar.


On a short trip to India, Mawahib who has worked in Iraq on rescue and relief operations has come with 27 Iraqis of different faiths to learn peace-giving techniques to take back with them to conflict-torn Iraq. "Over 7000 girls Yazidi girls and women have been taken away as sex slaves by ISIS. The captive women are sold for as little as $10. Our mission is to rescue them and rehabilitate them", she said.


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Mawahib and her team travel throughtout Iraq disseminating over 120 tonnes of relief material, rescuing families, counselling youngsters, providing spiritual guidance, educating and providing vocational training with the help of University of Jordan since 2003. Women who were rescued as captives are being trained in banking and finance. Yougsters are being educated and groomed to stop them from joining the war that has ravaged their country.


"Lack of security has been our biggest challenge. There is uncertainty. We work under conditions where we don't know when a bomb will go off or who will open fire. We want to work towards peace for the people and the country", she added. A banker previously Mawahib has gone from managing money to managing traumatised people in a conflict zone.

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