The journey of Sahil Kothari depicts brave hearts like him can find opportunities in odds too

It is said when troubles knock on your door. You are surrounded by it in all the directions already - leaving you no scope to escape from it. While no one can validate the above-said adage, it can work either way depending upon the person and his approach towards dealing with the distresses.

There exists a sect called blamer who has beliefs up to the extend that troubles and bad luck impede them wherever they go and whatever they do. And on contrast, there exists a sect of Bravehearts who outperform against all odds and bag success or, say, come out of the troubles successfully.

Valiant individuals who have waywardness instilled in them are not those who always win. They are the ones who don't fear defeat. And keeps striving until they don't achieve victory. The open secret of their relentlessly working upon something is the 'try, try but don't cry attitude.' They understand that excuses or blame-game will not change their situation, but an attempt with faith will. After all, they who help themselves, God helps them.

Sahil Kothari, a spiritual coach by profession, is one of such brave hearts who diligently worked a day in and out for the elevation of his life that he was living until a few years back. With his willpower and strong desire to transform his then condition, Sahil managed to give his life 360 degrees turn.

Early Life Of Sahil Kothari

Sahil Kothari was born to a middle-class family on August 19, 1990, in Kolkata - the city known for its delicious Bengali cuisine, especially Rasogulla, sweet to ears language, and what not?

Just like an ordinary middle-class family, Sahil's father was the lone bread earner for his entire family, and his mother had to look after house chores as well as the decent upbringing of her children. His father had a job at a Kolkata-based factory that paid him an average wage.

Always short on finance, Sahil has had even passed some days without a single rupee in his wallet. To worsen the situation, the factory his father had been working with shut down abruptly, which pushed Sahil's father and his family deeper into debts.

The money crisis was getting unbearable with each passing day, and Sahil saw no gleam of hope for getting their lives back to normal. So, he decided to back up his distressed family financially. Sahil went to Dubai to work at his family relative's business establishment. Had he not gone to Dubai, Sahil would have been preparing for Chartered Accountant Examination. Additionally, he held a bachelor's degree in commerce from the University of Calcutta.

Sahil Kothari's Tumultuous Career.

Sahil Kothari had no option but to working at his relative's office to meet up his financial needs. Regardless, his heart was at unrest. He had always envisaged doing something out of the box than working for someone else, but the reality was not allowing him to do so.

During his stay in Dubai, he was introduced to the concept of blogging and its benefits. Given that, Sahil decided to resign from his Dubai job, go home and plunge into the digital world, specifically into blogging.

Sahil started his first blogging website called 'Youthpace' instantly after his return to India. He used to jot down articles based on the 'youth' niche. He devoted significant time and vigor to content creation, but the outcome he obtained was not satisfactory. So, to boost up the inflow of money, Sahil additionally started doing affiliate marketing simultaneously. Days passed, but the anticipated 'J-Curve' in revenues seemed at bay.

Sahil sensed the blunder he did. It dawned upon him that all that glitter is not gold. Blogging and income streams linked to it might be lucrative, but it wan not his cup of tea. Thus, he curtailed his focus on blogging and affiliate marketing.

The backdrop of Sahil Kothari's life-changing Startup.

Sahil Kothari once happened to stumble upon a book called 'The Secret' written by Rhonda Byrne. The concept of this book revolves around 'the law of attraction.' According to the book, one's thoughts can change his life directly. The positive energy that emanates to the universe upon firm assertions reflects the conduciveness we wanted to attain our desires.

Intrigued with the hypothesis called the Law of Attraction and the power it held, Sahil began practicing it regularly. He used to affirm that his desires would be the reality someday. The concept of attracting what you think and how our affirmative attitude is accountable for the incidents that ensue to and around us in day-to-day life was unquestionably factual for him.

His curious attitude for comprehending and application of the law of attraction in his life brought in some extensive transformations in his life. He commenced persuading his friends and family to understand the law and assisted them in realizing how we hold the energy within ourselves to execute any extent of significance with the appropriate use of our hidden mental powers.

One day, it struck into Sahil's mind what he had been practicing and teaching his friends could be extended to a large number of people. He thought to himself that teaching could be a source of revenue if he succeeded in arranging the seminars, which later became a good business prospect for him.

Formation of 'Sahil Kothari Training and Consultancy.'

Sahil Kothari founded 'Sahil Kothari Training and Consultancy,' aiming towards offering budget-friendly training on mindfulness, healing occult sciences, psychology, spirituality, and health and wellness.

Sahil felt that spirituality and life coaching were the need of an hour. However, he found the then-existing courses based on life coaching were unreasonably expensive. So, Sahil constructed effective yet affordable courses so that people from all economic backgrounds could pay for them.

In the early phase of his Startup, Sahil had little to no money to spend on marketing his services. Nevertheless, Sahil chose the modern technique for promoting his Startup with the help of social media. He successfully leveraged the networking strength of Facebook and Instagram that helped him grow his business by leaps and bounds.

Sahil started his first-ever seminar with just ten students, but instead of backing out, he showed patience. As a result of hard work and diligence, Sahil has mentored 50 thousand, which is a big milestone itself.

Sahil keeps collaborating with top leaders of his industry, and he is always excited to bring value-added content for his students.

Sahil says, 'Loving what you do and being consciously aware of your goals can make people super-mindful on choosing their time and thereby increasing productivity."

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