US air strike against Syria around the corner?

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Washington, Aug 29: The USA is likely to launch its military strike against Syria at the night with attacks on military establishments and headquarters near capital Damascus and other government installations across the country.

Sources in the USA said the attacks, comprising scores of cruise missile launches from US warships, submarines and fighter planes, will probably last for three says. The alleged usage of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime led by President Bashar al-Assad recently that claimed several lives provoked Washington to carry out a military strike, even while avoiding a messy intervention in the country's civil war.


War experts said the US missiles will get through for Washington will jam Syrian radars. The latter, however, is expected to retaliate with its sizeable air power comprising anti-aircraft guns abd surface-to-air missiles.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama said Washington had concluded that the Syrian government was responsible for the deaths caused by the chemical weapons in a Damascus suburb last week and said the US will clearly respond to this to curb further use of such deadly weapons. Obama said Syria is a volatile country in a very volatile region.

He stressed that he did not authorise the attacks but yet they appear likely.

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