Insensitive Bihar ministers: Who wants Nitish Kumar as PM?

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Bangalore, Aug 8: Bihar Panchayati Raj minister Bhim Singh said on Thursday said that jawans join the forces only to be martyred. He asked there is no other reason for people to join either the army or the police! Excellent, this is what we call a progressive mind.

Singh, the latest in the long list of motormouth Indian politicians, later apologised and the Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, also asked him to withdraw a statement but it was too late. The question is: Who is our bigger enemy? Those residing within or those attacking from across the border?


Bihar minister mocked the country, its brave sons and even his CM

The Bihar minister's statement, which was condemned by the BJP, is more shocking for four of the five jawans martyred near the Line of Control on Monday night belong to the north Indian state. Even Nitish Kumar said at a talk on Wednesday evening that Biharis are hard-working people who have been contributing for progress at all corners of the nation. Singh made a mockery of the nation, its brave sons and even his chief minister at one go. The move to compensate was also belittled by the minister's insensitive remark.

Singh's outrageous remark came after Wednesday's shocker when not a single cabinet minister of the state went to Patna airport to receive the bodies of the four martyrs, Shambhu Sharan Rai, Vijay Kumar Rai, Prem Nath Singh, Raghunandan Prasad and Lance Naik Pundalik Mane. State BJP leaders, including former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar were, however, present.

Ruling himself out of the PM's race: Who wants Nitish Kumar at the helm?

And just compare these acts of utter insensitivity with Nitish Kumar's candid confession that the prime minister's post is too high for him and that he is not in the race to become the next PM. The leader, who decided to terminate relations with the BJP owing to 'communal' factors in June, said he is not fit to hold such high post. He made the polite gesture even after a state BJP leader said recently that the chief minister is a prime minister material.

We really thank Nitish Kumar for not expressing a desire to become the prime minister for given the nature of his party members, it will be an embarrassment for him and the country if the external enemies carry out dastardly attacks on our soldiers. His party, which is perhaps the biggest 'secular' force in the country after the Congress, doesn't care for the welfare of the children and soldiers.

Kumar has no time to visit the affected children at hospital and neither do his ministers have the time to receive bodies of soldiers. Who has asked Nitish Kumar to do the country a favour by becoming the prime minister?

At least not the families of those dead kids and slain soldiers.

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