Japan: Commuters push a train to save trapped woman

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Bangalore, July 26: A women aged about 30 who was about to get off the local train in Japan, fell through the gap between the platform and the train carriage and got struck at her hip on JR Minami Urawa station on the Keihin Tohoku line (Japan).

Around 40 passengers along with the staff from the train operator rushed to the spot and pushed the train together to rescue the trapped women.

Later the women was rescued and a loud cheer went up across the railway station, the woman was carried to the hospital but did not have any apparent injuries.

According to officials, when the platform is straight, the gap between the carriage and the platform is about 20 cm wide.

The carriage that was in the accident was the 4th in a 10 car train, and weighed about 32 tons including the wheels.

There is a suspension between the chassis of the car, which has the wheel and the carriage, and when the train is pushed, the suspension stretches and the carriage tilts.

There was maximum 8 minutes delay to the Keihin Tohoku Line due to this accident, official said.

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