Now the Game Theory to nab paedophiles online!

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Spain, July 12: Scientists have come up with an interesting gizmo to nab paedophiles lurking in the e-zone. Negobot, considered as a virtual Lolita, has been designed to pose as a 14-year old schoolgirl chatting. She has been programmed to do say all that a teenager says and does while chatting to convince her chat partner of her genuineness.

The invention proves to be a breakthrough at a time when cases of child sexual abuse is spreading like a virus across the world. Negobot starts off as a passive or neutral participant in a chat room and as the conversations turn more personal and intimate, she maneuvers her behaviour accordingly to get more information from the partner.

Negobot's creators have used the mathematical Game Theory to design the patterns of her behaviour to make her sound very interesting. Dr Carlos Laorden from the University of Deusto-one of her inventors-said,"Chatbots tend to be very predictable and flat. This does not work when you are trying to nab an untrustworthy agent like a paedophile. Negobot, however, has been programmed with seven different split personalities that can change as per the conversation. She sounds real with "typo" errors and teenage slangs as they are typical of a teenager. She can also take the lead in a conversation and resume discussions."

However, it still has certain problems. For example, it cannot detect the subtleties of a conversation. Sexual overtones, irony or sarcasm do not register in her program. Nevertheless, it is a great move toward curbing the growing number of paedophiles who are difficult to be nabbed. No wonder, some of the police departments are showing great interest in this.

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