Like God Particle, could there be a rape particle?

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Kolkata, July 6: Rapes have become a national menace in India. One after another, we are witnessing brutal treatment of women, irrespective of the age, around us but yet nobody has any clue about how to stop it.

Law and police are being held responsible for the menace and protests and complaints are being made with full backing of a powerful media, but yet little has been accomplished on the ground to bring this crime to a halt.

Why do rapes occur? Like many other people, a drama group based in Kolkata has also been feeling disturbed by the question. According to a report published in Anandabazaar Patrika on Friday, this group is trying to find out whether there is a scientific reason behind rapes.

Work has been done on this earlier as well. In A Natural History of Rape, Randy Thornhill and Craig T Palmar said rape is a part of the evolution but not all agreed. It also did not answer why children and elderly women also get raped.

The drama group, led by Sangram Guha, felt something different, said the report. While listening to one of his scientist friends about the God Particle experiment at CERN one day, Guha suddenly felt whether there is a similar particle in human body which becomes active at the time of rape. He was particularly influenced by the words of Jack Steinberger, one of the CERN physicists, which he had heard from his friend.

Meanwhile, Guha came to learn about a book written by a Holocaust survivor, who had written about the rapes that used to occur in the concentration camps during the Nazi atrocity. The author, a woman, mentioned about Stacey Steinberger, who was raped continuously for three months and she died of infection.

Coincidentally, Stacey was Jack's only sister. When Sangram asked the 92-year-old physicist about his thought on a possible 'rape particle', the latter did not rule it out.

Guha used all his experience to think out a plot for his next play titled 'Rape Particle', said the report. Drama-lovers may soon find a fantastic presentation before them on the possible explanation of rape, one of the biggest concerns of all human beings.

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