Birlas lose battle against Bollywood director Prakash Jha

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Birla and Jha
New Delhi, Oct 15: One of the richest industrialists of India - Basant Kumar Birla lost the first round of the legal battle against Bollywood director Prakash Jha. [Latest Update: Birlas fail but Batas defeat Bollywood director Prakash Jha]

Delhi High Court on Monday, Oct 15 announced that there will be no stay order against Jha's upcoming movie "Chakravyuha" which is based on the burning issue of the country - Maoists and anarchy over their movements.

The Birlas had filed a defamation case against the director for a satirical mention of their name in a song called "Mehngaai (price rise and inflation)" in the movie. The song has been featured on actor Abhay Deol and others, who played the roles of Naxalites in the movie, mocking the industrialists including Tatas, Batas.

However, soon after Delhi High Court's injunction overruling Birlas' claim, Jha stated, "I am being asked if this trouble over the song is publicity for my film Chakravyuha. What are people trying to insinuate? That I paid the industry houses to generate interest in my film? I don't understand what this fuss is about."

"When the song has been cleared by the censor board what is the relevance, need or even the validity of this extra-censorship? We live in a democracy where socio-political protest is a fundamental right. Instead of being so sensitive on a personal level just because a name is mentioned, how about showing some sensitivity towards the people from the underprivileged classes who feel the need to protest?" added Jha.

While speaking about the particular song of his film, the director also said, "The names of the industrial houses have been used symbolically. It's like when someone wants to be a singer, you say, 'Chali Lata Mangeshkar ban ne.' The names of the same industrial houses have been mentioned earlier in film songs. There was no hue and cry about it. Why get touchy about it now?"

The lyrics of the song "Mehngai" say - Birla ho ya Tata, Ambani ho ya Bata, Sabne Apne Chakkar Mein desh ko hai kata. Loosely translated meaning of the line could be - Birla, Tata, Ambani, Bata - all have hurt the nation for their personal gain.

Earlier, song of the movie "Heeralal Pannalal" (1978) had similar lyrics - Seedhe raste chaloge to aisa dhamaka milega jhopdi mein Birla aur Tata milega aur Bata ki dukaan mein bhi aata milega. Loosely translated meaning of the line could be - If you follow the righteous path, you may find the Tatas and Birlas in slum and you may get flour in the shops of the Batas.

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