Is India heading for mid-term polls?

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Mulayam Singh Yadav
Kolkata, Sept 13: At a time when India is reeling under severe economic crisis, coupled by scams hitting hard country's backbone, news of mid-term polls might not be welcoming for its citizens. But political parties looking to score brownie points are hoping for mid-term polls.

With the popularity of Congress-led UPA government at its lowest ebb, because of charges of large number of corruption cases against it, several political parties, including main opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), are hoping for mid-term polls.

The latest political party to join the bandwagon demanding early polls in the country is Samajwadi Party (SP).

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Sept 13, Chief of SP, Mulayam Singh Yadav, warned that the country could face mid-term polls.

"At times the situation is created that it seems that general elections could happen early but we cannot say anything," said Mulayam.

Mulayam indicated early polls on the second day of his party's national executive in Kolkata.

Otherwise, India is slated to organise its general elections to the 16th Lok Sabha in 2014.

Mulayam further stressed that both Congress and the BJP are weakening. "Both the national parties are not able to come up to the expectations of the people. They are busy on their own fronts," said Mulayam.

Clearing doubts on the formation of Third Front, SP chief said that the Third Front is always made after elections.

"The possibility of the Third Front will depend on the situation that develops after the elections."

Talking about SP's relationship with Congress-led UPA government, Mulayam said his party's outside support to the ruling coalition government was to keep communal forces at bay.

"Let me make it clear, the Samajwadi Party does not support the UPA government. It only props up the Congress when it see it weakening and there is a threat of communal forces taking advantage of that," said Mulayam.

Mulayam also attacked Congress-led UPA over price rise.

"Wrong policies of the government are responsible for this. The government has not acted strongly against the hoarders," added Mulayam.

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