Guwahati molestation: Camera exposes all - crime, culprit!

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Guwahati molestation culprits caught in camera
Bangalore, Jul 24: With the arrest of Amar Jyoti Kalita, the manhunt for the main accused of the Guwahati molestation case has now come to an end. But is this the end of the shocking and shameful incident which shook the entire nation? Who unearthed the entire episode - from the time the crime was committed on Jul 9 and till the time when Kalita surrendered himself before the Varanasai police in Uttar Pradesh on Jul 23?

Camera, an invention of advanced technology, was the main source from which the investigating officers managed to take the main accused into their custody. Kalita, who was on the run since he along with many others committed the crime, visited many states to avoid arrest but cameras once again caught him and thus police got the chance to catch the main accused.

On Jul 10, a local TV channel News Live aired a video in which a teen girl was molested by a mob of more than 50 men in public outside a pub in Guwahati, Assam. Initially, the channel claimed that they have helped the police to identify the culprits whose faces were captured in the video. The molestation video went viral on the internet through YouTube.

Soon a different story surfaced following the revelation of the RTI activist and Team Anna member Akhil Gogoi who asserted that the TV journalist of News Live channel - Gaurav Jyoti Neog had allegedly helped and encouraged the mob to strip the girl. The TV journalist was accused of prompting the accused to molest the girl in order to increase their TRP with the sensational video.

Soon the journalist and editor-in-chief Atanu Bhuyan resigned from their respective posts and police arrested Neog who was later sent to police custody.

Police arrested 11 accused but was struggling to arrest Kalita. But soon reports were surfaced saying that Kalita was seen in Bhubaneswar first and then in Mumbai and at last he was seen in West Bengal.

According to sources, Kallita first fled to Bhubaneswar. From there he reached Mumbai but was caught in CCTV camera of CST station in Mumbai. While he was denied to get shelter from his cousin in Mumbai, Kalita left for Kolkata. This time once again CCTV camera captured his footage at the Speed Post office in Howrah where he went to make a phone call.

Finally, Kalita contacted Assam police when the cops told his brother and father that he could not continue to run as they had traced his whereabouts with the help of the CCTV footage.

After two weeks of the shocking incident, UP police finally took the main accused into their custody and thus cameras helped them to nab the culprits. Hope the victim will get justice soon.

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