Denver: Batman film premiere turns deadly as gunman kills 14

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The Dark Knight rises
Denver (US), Jul 20: Latest reports say that 14 people were killed and nearly 50 injured in the shooting incident at a suburban mall here during the premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Around 6.10 pm local time, a masked man who was wearing bulletproof vest started firing indiscriminately while the highly-anticipated final installment in the Batman trilogy was being screened at the Century Aurora 16 theatre.

According to people who were present at the scene, the man threw a some bomb into the movie hall and then opened fire. He was later arrested from the rear parking lot of the theatre.

Police recovered a rifle and a handgun from him and also found another gun inside the theatre. 

Denver: Movie premiere turns deadly after gunman kills 10:
A masked gunman opened fire during the premiere of the highly-anticipated movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' at a suburban mall in Denver, US. As many as 10 people have been reported to be killed and around 30-40 others were injured in the shootout at the movie theatre. The incident happened around 6:10 pm local time. The latest in the Batman series was eagerly awaited by people across the globe. 

Friday will see the worldwide release of the latest movie from the popular Batman series and is the last in the series. 

The matter was first reported by local radio station KOA. The shootout near the suburb of Aurora also set off a smoke or tear gas bomb.

One suspect has been taken into custody. Rumours are abuzz that the gunman is still at large. 

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