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Bangalore, Jul 4: Unemployment has been the biggest bane of India. Paradoxically, employers big or small do not get good quality manpower. Employers always end up with "A Square Peg in a Round Hole." This anomaly needs to be corrected by the captains of the industry and the educational institutions. Here is a mutually beneficial and simple solution, which may be of immense interest to both the employers and the aspirants.

Problems in recruitment

It is a universal truth that if the employer gets the ideal candidate, good in all social and soft skills, the candidate may not have the necessary technical skills or vice-versa. The employer always ends up with a compromise - "A Square Peg in a Round Hole". The problem is the gap between the current education system and the industry requirements. The bigger problem is that at the tenth standard, students may not have the maturity and wisdom to choose a career matching their dominant aptitude. Invariably, the demand-supply gap in the college seats ensures that majority of the students join a college and discipline not of their choice. This leads to frustration at the first job for the employees and attrition for the employers.


Some IT Finishing Schools like Digiterati have sorted this problem out successfully. Graduates, particularly those who have completed a course not to their liking, must exercise a choice of career at the time of their first job. Information Technology gives them a wide array of careers to choose from. Information technology being pervasive can take in the optimist with the pessimist, the extrovert with the introvert, the genius with the average and the rural with the city bred candidate. This course correction must be done by psychometric-profiling and taste-spoon sessions, ensuring the right fit for the students. This means graduates of any discipline, engineering or arts and science, have a level playing field in the job market. More importantly, they get to choose a career that is closer to their calling, making employers happy with a better fit.

Train and Hire model

In the newly evolved Train & Hire model, the employer chooses candidates who would make excellent employees in terms of social and soft skills irrespective of their domain and technical skills. The employers may issue the chosen candidates conditional employment offers. The condition being that they get certified in a skill or career path of the employer's requirement at an IT Finishing School. The finishing school must identify the dominant aptitude and mentor an appropriate career path and train them in both domain and technical skills combining business and technology. Let the candidates pay for their own training. They would be happy to do that because they have a clear road map of training leading to a firm employment, with a prestigious company. The employers will be happy to reimburse the course fees to the selected hires. The employers gain because they get "A Square Peg for a Square Hole" without no additional training cost.

Indian education fathers will do well to encourage a vibrant partnership between the industry and University through the IT Finishing Schools. In fact Universities may forge a relationship with the IT Finishing Schools and incorporate some of the courses as part of their academic syllabus.

It is just not a Win - Win situation; it is a Win - Win - Win one

For the Employer, the Educator and the Educated.

The author, CA P Ravikumar is DnA Digiterati, India's First IT Finishing School.

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