Why can't Manmohan Singh be Barack Obama? 5 tips for our PM

By: Nairita Das
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Manmohan Singh and Barack Obama
Who leads India? Who possesses the highest authority in the country? The answer for these questions should be -  Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. But most of the people would be confused before answering these questions.

Manmohan Singh, a gentleman by nature has failed to grab the attention and power which he should have built up if he wants to become a prominent leader like Barack Obama - the president of United States of America (USA). While Barack Obama has won the hearts of the people not only in the US but also in other countries including ours, Manmohan Singh seems to have failed to touch his own people in the country. Obama, during his Indian tour in 2010, overwhelmed everyone - begining with school children to political leaders of India. There are hardly any instances where Manmohan Singh has been seen interacting with the aam-aadmi (common man).

Barack Obama held the anchor of US when its financial and economical situations were sinking. US, under the guidance of Obama and his government overcame the Recession which hit the country in 2008. It was Obama's men who barged into Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden right under the nose of Pakistanis.

Drawing a parallel between Osama Bin Laden and India's most wanted - Dawood Ibrahim, Manmohan Singh and his government have failed in the eyes of public despite having information that Dawood has been residing in Karachi, while Obama has won galore for the same.

When it came to Ajmal Kasab, the sole captured terrorist who along with his other companions shattered Mumbai in 2008 terror attacks, Manmohan failed the test again. Kasab is still enjoying his days in prison, while poverty struck India is paying the money for his lavish life behind the bars.

PM Singh is popularly known as "puppet" at the hands of UPA chairperson and Congress President, Sonia Gandhi who is believed to be behind his robotic movements. According to critics, the prime minister awaits the nods of Congress party high command to take his decisions.

The whole hullabaloo over the resignation of Union Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi also showed the Prime Minister's weekness in front of the storm raised by UPA's "ever-troubling" ally, Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress. The PM stooped to Didi's demands while Mamata took away the icing on the cake (reports reveal that TMC's Mukul Roy is all set to become Trivedi's successor).

The Prime Minister may follow few tips which may help to become a prominent leader like Barack Obama, hope Manmohan Singh is listening!

Interact with people: The PM should reach out to the people and interact with them personally so that he can solve or listen to the difficulties faced by Indians.

Be bold and authoritative: A good leader may not be a 'gentleman' but he/she has to be a bold and authoritative by nature so that he/she would be able to express their views and compel others to follow his/her directions.

Be clear while addressing people: The PM should be audible while delivering his speech, be it in the Parliament or in an open auditorium. Manmohan Singh's statements sometime go unheard which leave people confused about his message.

Take own decision: A leader should be open to adopt ideas proposed by others but he/she should possess ability to take ultimate decision without considering the fact that what other people would think about him/her.

Be assertive and aggressive: One can not guide a team or a nation wearing the gentleman tag. A leader has to be aggressive or rather should possess the ability to express his expectations from rest of the people. A leader must be assertive to get the desired results.

Give opinion and reaction at right moment: One of the major criticism against Manmohan Singh is his "expressionless face". He hardly gives prompt reactions. A leader should be very quick and active while delivering his action and reaction.

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