Rajinikanth-inspired 'Mr.Muthu' to dispel Koodankulam fears

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Chennai, Mar 3: With the Koodankulam row causing differences between the Centre and the state administration, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) is making all efforts to curb the negativity surrounding the nuclear plant and plan to do it in style. They have introduced the animated character Mr Muthu to dispel fears from the mind of the public if the nuclear plant comes into existence.

Mr Muthu is the mascot of the Koodankulam nuclear power plant and has been made to allay the fears of the residents staying close to the KNPP. The character is reported to be loosely based on the famous character portrayed in superstar Rajnikanth's movie 'Muthu'.

Executive Director (corporate planning and corporate communication), N. Nagaich, NPCIL has been quoted as saying that the developments in the country were for “people’s welfare and as a government organisation we have the responsibility to fulfill people’s dreams."

He added, "We want to address people’s genuine apprehensions about nuclear power, for which we published literature and one such is a comic with the character ‘Mr Muthu’.”

Nagaich revealed that Mr Muthu was based on a movie character and only commented, "Muthu is a common name in TN villages."

The Hindi equivalent of Muthu will be named Mr Budhiya. Nagaich explained on the same and said, "Mr Budhiya is a villager with a lot of doubts and apprehensions about nuclear power. This simple comic series has been made in seven languages, including English, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada and Gujarati."

NPCIL has also initiated a lot of radio and TV campaigns. Nagaich stated, "We will soon start a nationwide campaign to screen one-reelers in cinema halls listing advantages of nuclear power and its need in the long run."

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