Pakistan: Rs 100 million bounty for Pervez Musharraf's death

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General Pervez Musharraf
Islamabad, Jan 16: Rs 100 million bounty has been offered to any person who would kill General Pervez Musharraf, said reports.

All Pakistan Muslim League chief General Pervez Musharraf, who is soon expected to visit the country, has been reminded by the Jamhoori Wattan Party about a fatwa issued against him by 36 Ulema declaring him ‘fit to be murdered.’

"The executor of this fatwa would be our hero," said Talal Akbar Bugti, JWP President.

He further said that the person who successfully carries out the fatwa issued against Musharraf would be awarded Rs 100 million bounty by a person in Balochistan.

"The Ulema-e-Ikram, 36 in number, had held him Wajibul qatal in the killings of Akbar Khan Bugti and for murdering unarmed innocent persons at Lal Masjid of Islamabad," he recalled.

Talal Akbar Bugti is the son of assassinated Akbar Khan Bugti. He said that he would chase his father's assassins till he breathed his last.

"We have specified an additional reward for an Urdu speaking or soldier, a retired or serving, because he (Mush) has misused their strength in killing innocents. Such a person would be given an extraordinary reward of Rs100 million within 72 hours in form of a commercial plot in Quetta," he said.

"We, in the petition to be submitted before the apex court, will seek his trial for capital punishment for killing Akbar Khan Bugti and innocents in Lal Masjid and throughout the country," he said adding that he would move personally to the Supreme Court so as to arrest him.

"Yes, Mian Sb agrees to my viewpoint and thinks Musharraf is a violator and law breaker, thus, liable to be punished under Article 6 of the Constitution," he said.

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