Mumbai:Tech-savvy BJP uses Facebook to win BMC election 2012

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Mumbai, Jan 13: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) always catches attention with its unique attempts of attracting youths of the country. The political party once again proved itself as a tech-savvy party as it has already started using one of the most popular social networking site - Facebook as one of its weapons to gather people's attention ahead of the BMC election 2012 in Mumbai.

To conduct social media training session, the BJP leaders in Mumbai began using Facebook and the party also asked netizens (those who spend a large fraction of their life online) to add points to its Election Manifesto.

Following the code of conduct given by the Election Commission (EC), which barred all political parties from outdoor advertisements, public proclamations and promises by political parties ahead of the BMC election 2012, BJP took the extra-ordinary step.

However, the EC allowed the political parties to use SMS, Newsletters and Social media promotions which inspired to BJP in starting Facebook as one of its latest and useful weapon.

"BJP has always been tech savy and as most of its workers/office bearers in Mumbai are active on Facebook it became a necessity to use it," said Atul Bhatkhalkar, the BJP General Secretary, Mumbai.

Here it can be mentioned that Mumbai has the highest number of Facebook users in India - 4 million + and it's increasing rapidly cutting across caste, class and community lines.

Citing the above mentioned information, it seems that BJP may fetch success during the upcoming success and the party reportedly has more than 60,000+ traceable BJP supporters on Facebook.

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