Google Doodle fetes Nobel prize winner Marie Curie's birth

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It's Google Doodle time once again when the popular search engine giant Google celebrated the birth anniversary of Nobel prize-winning scientist, Marie Curie. The occasion has lauded her pioneering work on radioactivity and her stellar contributions in her fight against cancer.

Born in Warsaw, Poland on Nov 7, 1867, she is credited with discovering polonium and radium, with polonium named after the country of her birth. The Polish scientist is known for her landmark achievements in the area of Physics along with her husband, Pierre that led to the couple receiving the Nobel prize for physics in 1903.

The Google Doodle shows Marie Curie sitting on a bench working with the word Google written in the background. The simple looking Doodle marks the talent of Marie Curie who is the only person to receive a Nobel prize in both physics and chemistry. She is also credited to be the first woman to win a Nobel prize and the first woman to win a Nobel in different disciplines.

Curie is also known for using radium for therapeutic purposes. Her exemplary work during the First World War that saw her using small mobile X-ray units to heal soldiers' injuries and locate shrapnel wounds and fractures was much appreciated. She won her second Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1911.

She died on July 4, 1934 due to pernicious anaemia that was caused due to overexposure to radiation.

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