Anna slams the 'gang of four' in govt; calls them "ruffians"

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Oct 25: With the spat between Anna Hazare and certain people in the government getting dirtier by the day, Anna who was on a maun vrat (vow of silence) has finally decided to break his silence. In a no holds barred attack, after Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh and Swami Agnivesh attacked Team Anna member Kiran Bedi in the controversial airfare row, Anna has come out clear to explain his stand on the issue through his blog.

Anna Hazare slammed the government members in his blog and said that a 'gang of four' are plotting to derail the passing of the Lokpal Bill. Deviating from the peaceful stand and the mild approach, Anna gave a veiled warning to the government and said that if the Lokpal Bill is not passed in the winter session of Parliament, then it will have to face the wrath of Anna Hazare and others. They have vowed to tour the election-bound states on an anti-Congress campaign.

The Congress had to already faced a setback in the Hisar by elections where Team Anna had taken up a vigorous campaign against the Congress.

On the controversy surrounding Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal, Anna commented through his blog, "To accuse and humiliate seems to be the mantra of the few. This is not the first time that such accusations have been levelled against Kiran Bedi. Every member of Team Anna had to face accusations and character assassination by the gang of four. Who are these people? Those are the very same people who are not in favor of Jan Lokpal Bill." [Read Anna Hazare's complete blog here]

Without naming who exactly the 'gang of four' was, Anna has lambasted these very people and called them ruffians who were ignoring the voice of the majority within the government. He stated in his blog, "The number of Ministers who are opposing Jan Lokpal Bill in Cabinet is handful. It is similar to a village where there are 2 to 4 goons who hold the entire village to ransom. In government there is a majority of people who are righteous but can't go against these ruffians. Leaving aside these specific four to six people no one points a finger at us."

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