NASA's satellite crashed as it was 'GAY'?

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NASA Satellite
Virginia Beach, Sept 26: Evangelist Pat Robertson, during the broadcast of his 700 Club programme, sparked a new controversy by claiming that NASA's satellites are "GAY" and that's why it was crushed and hit the earth.

Clarifying his statement, Robertson said, "We have to remember that the heavens are where God lives. (NASA's satellite crashed) because God thinks satellites are gay.

"If we launch something into outer space that God thinks is gay, He"s going to kick it right back to us," stated an amused Robertson.

Continuing his controversial statement, Robertson said, "It does have, I believe, a big telescope sticking out of it and I can see why God would not want that in His face."

Making an "irritating" comment on NASA's satellite, Robertson said, "(the falling satellite) should serve as a warning to NASA not to launch other gay objects into space."

Co-incidentally, according to media reports, Robertson's "hilarious" statement was forced to stop when a large piece of metal debris crashed through the roof of his television studio and landed squarely on his head. Was it God's signal or warning for Robertson too?

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