'Amar Singh kept under hygienic conditions in separate cell'

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Amar Singh
New Delhi, Sep 10: Jailed MP Amar Singh has been kept in a different cell under hygienic conditions, said Tihar jail officials.

According to the Amar Singh's counsel, he was kept in unhygienic conditions and was using a common toilet, making him more vulnerable to infection.

The jail officials also said that the jail was well equipped with ambulances and had facilitates to rush the patient to hospitals in case of emergency.

The authorities also said that Singh was kept in a separate ward and each cell had their own bathroom and toilets and Singh did not have to share common public toilet.

Reports also suggest that Singh refused to give his blood sample but then agreed to, on Friday, Sep 9.

Singh's counsel sought bail for him on the grounds that the reports were "only cursory" and "an opinion of jail superintendent", which was not dependable.

Amar's counsel also argued that he was kept in a common cell with others. The judge however dismissed the report and said, "I am sure the jail superintendent cannot give a false report (to the court) in writing."

"As per the doctor, attending on accused (Amar Singh), some tests have been advised like blood and urine. Results and outcome of these reports are awaited. Let the report come on September 12 by 11 am," said the judge.

Amar Singh's lawyer also told the court that the doctors who were examining him did not have any access to his past medical report making it difficult for them to know the severity of the condition.

"The report itself says that patient (Amar Singh) is not having his past medical record with him," said the counsel.

The judge also pointed out to Amar Singh's lawyer that the report submitted by the Tihar jail officials said: "Amar Singh was not ready to give his blood sample initially". "He (jail superintendent) says that some blood sample were to be taken but he (Amar Singh) refused to give it initially and gave it only this morning (today)," the judge said. On this, the defence counsel said the conditions in the jail were "unhygienic" so he refused.

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