Medical marvel Anna's health "worrisome", say Doctors

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Aug 27: With the Gandhian Anna Hazare's fast entering the 12th day, doctors checking on him revealed that he had lost almost 7kgs in weight and his Blood Pressure readings were "worrisome".

Speaking to reporters at the Ramlila Maidan, Dr.Naresh Trehan stated, "Anna Hazare's blood pressure is down. We are worried about Anna Hazare's health. We are monitoring his health closely." The doctor also said that the results of detailed blood tests were awaited.

Anna Hazare, though appearing weak, spoke to the crowds gathered at the Ramlila that, "people's support is giving me energy."

Doctors are baffled at the tremendous energy that Anna Hazare has been displaying. His persistence is also laudable, in spite of the pressure from various quarters to break his fast. Doctors who are checking on his every three hours were quoted as saying on Friday, "He is turning out to be a medical enigma. It is interesting medically that he has been able to sustain for 11 days running. His vital parameters are still stable."

Anna's physician Dr Rafiq Sayeed also commented on Anna's health, "He is used to such fasts. He has done them too many times. Now it's the 11th day of his fast and we see that he is physically and mentally fit. He has got abnormal will power." He added, "He has no hypertension, no diabetes. He has no other medical problem. This health he has got naturally. He takes care and prepares himself for such fasts."

Speaking for the first time since Friday, Saturday morning saw Anna speaking spiritedly to the supporters in which he declared that he "cannot die without the Jan Lokpal Bill getting passed". In lieu of the fragile state of his health, the number of doctors attending on him has been increased. There are also fears that his internal organs might be affected due to the prolonged fast.

With the Lokpal Bill debate scheduled to be held in Parliament, one can only hope that the logjam ends and Anna Hazare breaks his fast before his health worsens further.

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