Anna's fast triggers heart attacks at Ramlila Maidan

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Aug 25: Five supporters of Anna Hazare suffered heart attack in a span of three hours at Ramlila Maidan.

According to a report in MiD DAY, on the ninth day of Anna's fast, the India Against Corruption medical camp have registered 9 cases of heart attack till now.

"Five patients had suffered heart attacks in Ramlila Maidan today and we treated them immediately and subsequently sent them to LNJP Hospital for further care," said Dr Sanjeev Chhiber, senior cancer specialist at the camp.

The doctor also said that the reason behind the rise in heart attacks could be because of strain of the protest, irregular eating, adverse weather conditions. The patients who suffered heart attacks belonged to the age group 30-60.

"We are completely prepared to tackle all extreme cases. Our team of eight ambulances includes CATS and PCR ambulances. We have successfully dealt with every case," said Dr Chibber.

"We followed the Golden Hour rule and immediately medicated the heart attack patients as soon as they arrived here. After giving the required medication, we sent them straight to the hospital in an ambulance," said the doctor on how the treatment is being given to the patients.

Dr SK Gupta, heart specialist at Max hospital said that mass campaign and excitement among the crowds could be a reason to heart attacks.

"The heat and exhaustion because of summer sun and constant walking could have lead to dehydration, which lead to heart attacks. Patients should take shelter in the tents and keep themselves hydrated to avoid such situations," said Dr Satsangi, heart specialist, GB Pant Hospital.

Doctors have also issued guidelines to people with a history of heart-attack asking them that they should get themselves checked before being a part of the protests.

"The overflowing of emotions and the resulting excessive excitement can lead to the heart working over time. This leads to heart attacks and heart patients should protest within limits to prevent such things," said Dr Satsangi.

Dr Chibber also said that in the coming days, IAC will also set up a blood donation camp where volunteers will be sent to LNJP Hospital.

"Donation of blood is not only a voluntary giving of one's life to another but also a service to the nation. The present agitation is for the welfare of India and the blood donation camp plays an important part in this," he said.

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