Jan Lokpal: Yes Mr PM, it's time to say YES to Anna

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Anna Hazare and Manmohan Singh
New Delhi, Aug 24: The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh has been facing criticism since he (PM) allegedly has taken a "silent" stand at most of the times when the country lands in a soup of crisis. Now, the nation has been confronted with another "now or never" situation with the indefinite fast initiated by Anna Hazare for a strong Jan Lokpal Bill. Now, it seems that this is the prime time when India indeed needs the prime minister.

Citing the grave impasse between the government and Team Anna, it seems that the time has finally arrived when the Prime Minister should acquire a strong stand and lead the nation in its mission to uproot corruption from the country.

Despite a letter from Manmohan Singh on Tuesday, Aug 23, Anna Hazare refuted the idea to break his fast which entered the ninth day on Wednesday. Team Anna still wants government to approve 90 percent of the demands proposed in the Jan Lokpal Bill, though almost 70 percent has been agreed by Manmohan Singh's government.

Amid debates over pros and cons of both Lokpal and Jan Lokpal Bill, which have been proposed by the government and Team Anna respectively, the aam admi generally comes up with its own views. Demands for the Prime Minister's active stand on the fuss is being uttered all around the country.

After a meeting between Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Team Anna representatives, Anna's aides were quoted as saying to supporters gathered at the Ramlila that three points of contentions still exists. They are -

- The lower bureaucracy should be too brought under the ambit of the Lokpal
- Every state should have its own Lokpal
- The creation of a Citizen's Charter.

However, Team Anna is also facing considerable flak for its non-conformist stand and stressing on their version of the Bill, the Jan Lokpal and taking an attitude that precedes the supremacy of the Parliament. Prominent member of the team, Arvind Kejriwal wants the government's version of the bill to be recalled or made to lapse. The suggestion of sending the Jan Lokpal to the Parliamentary standing Committee was also rejected.

Kejriwal has been quoted as saying,"Prime Minister's letter said that Jan Lokpal Bill be given to Standing Committee. This is not acceptable to us. We have told them that either they recall the Government bill or let it lapse."

Citing the situation, it seems that one of the persons with the most "clean image" in Indian politics, Manmohan Singh should come up with a strong stand on the entire issue to break the impasse.

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