Support Anna: US slaps Congress, dismisses 'inaccurate' rpts

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Washington, Aug 18: It can be a major setback for Congress as stern criticism has been hurled towards the party from US. The State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland criticised the Congress' statement and "inaccurate" Indian media reports on US' support for Anna Hazare and his anti-corruption movement in India.

Clarifying the country's stand, Victoria Nuland claimed that the country (US) supports freedom of peaceful expression and non-violent protest everywhere in the world.

Attending a press conference in Washington, the states spokesperson said, "There was some extremely inaccurate reporting out of India yesterday or today that the United States had issued some sort of strong statement, which we did not issue. The only statement about India yesterday to my knowledge was the one that we made from the podium here."

"I think this goes to inaccurate reporting in India that we had issued some sort of statement on -- with regard to this (Anna's fast) case that we did not issue. With regard to the case, however, you know where we are. We support freedom of expression and assembly. And we encourage all countries and all parties to do the same," added Nuland.

Here it can be recalled that Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi has been quoted as saying, "It needs to be considered whether there is any power which is supporting this movement which wants to destabilize not only the government but the country. We need to take the US statements (on the protest) seriously."

Alvi commented further, "The US never supported any movement in India since its independence. For the first time, the US said that Anna Hazare's movement should be allowed and there should be no obstruction to it. What was the need for the US to give this statement."

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