Facebook Messenger App: How to Start, Tips & Tricks

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Tips- Facebook Messenger App
Bangalore, Aug 10: While the social networking world is busy with the rumours of Google+ release date, its rival Facebook has been adding new features to its platform to stop the flow of users to Google Plus. With the latest market reports suggesting 50 percent of Facebook users want to move to G+, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and engineers are working round the clock to push new features to impress its users.

Though some of the critics blamed Google+ as the copy-cat of Facebook, social networking geeks welcomed it with open heart and within one month after its announcement, Google Plus bagged more than 25 million users around the globe. Moreover, it offered new features like Circles, Hangouts, Sparks etc, but later Facebook added most of these features including Video Calling, Group Chat etc.

Recently, Facebook announced the launch of its first standalone app named Facebook Messenger, which lets users to to message individual friends, or conduct group chat, send photos, and privately share location.

The new Facebook Messenger app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. It works similar to Google+ Huddle and BlackBerry Messenger. Those who do not have a smartphone can also use this service by registering their mobile numbers.

What is Messenger and how do I get it?
* Messenger is a stand-alone mobile app that lets you message friends right on their phones.
* Messenger is integrated with your Facebook messages and chats, so you can access all your conversations right in the app. Each message you send through Messenger is also saved as part of your ongoing conversations on Facebook.
* Messenger also offers additional features like one-click access to messages through your phone, location mapping, the ability to message friends, groups and mobile contacts, and more.

How to get the app?
* Messenger is available on iPhone and Android devices, and will soon be available on Blackberries. To get the app, search for “Facebook Messenger" in your phone"s app store.
* Not using a smart phone? You can still reply to messages sent using Facebook Messenger by confirming your mobile number.

What can I do with Messenger?

* Reach friends right on their phones – Send a message to your friends with Messenger, it goes directly to their mobile phones, so you stay in touch no matter where you go. Message any of your Facebook friends or anyone in your mobile contacts.

* Get and send messages fast
– Get to your messages with one click. Mobile notifications also help make sure you never miss a message, from timely questions ("Need me to pick up anything?") to last-minute changes of plans.

* Make plans with groups on the go – Trying to plan a night out with friends? Instead of sending individual messages to all the different people in your group, now you can add everyone to one simple conversation, so everyone can be in on the plan.

* Map your location and attach photos - Location mapping lets you see where the people in your conversation are, so it"s easy to meet up on the go. If you don"t want to share your location, you can easily turn it off by clicking the location pointer next to each message you send. You can also include photos, so friends can see what you"re doing

Personalize your experience - Messenger lets you name and choose a picture for your group conversations, so it"s easy to keep track of who you"re talking to.

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