China suggests US cut defence budget

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Beijing, Jul 13: On Monday, Jul 11 China's top general Chen Bingde, while talking about US's bloated size of military expenditure in a joint news conference, said that the United States was spending too much on its military in light of its recent economic troubles. Bingde also feels that U.S. should cut back on defense spending for the sake of its taxpayers.

US dominates the globe militarily. According to an article published online, the United States currently accounts for nearly fifty percent (50) of the global military spending at forty-eight percent. This figure has grown since 1998 but has increased dramatically since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. One of the main items on the military spending list of the United States is on ensuring the safety of American soldiers .

"I know the US is still recovering from the financial crisis," Chen said. "Under such circumstances, it is still spending a lot of money on its military and isn't that placing too much pressure on the taxpayers?" "If the US could reduce its military spending a bit and spend more on improving the livelihood of the American people, wouldn't that be a better scenario?" he questioned.

Bingde expressed all his views on US's military expenditure in the conference accompanied by US counterpart Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Bingde said he hoped "our American friends will understand the underlying logic of being more modest and prudent in words and deeds."

Mullen and Chen were trying to upgrade military-to-military ties after setbacks over US arms sales to Taiwan, cyber attacks traced to China and concern about Beijing's military plans.

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