Public demands Maria behind the bars again

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Maria Monica Susairaj
Mumbai, Jul 3: The nation was disappointed on the release of the murderess Maria Monica Susairaj. It was one more classic case of miscarriage of justice. A Mumbai court allowed the 'Mastermind' Maria Susairaj to walk free with a 'shameless' smile.

The Court considered that it wasn't a cold-blooded conspiracy. When Jerome, a navy officer found Maria shamelessly sleeping with some other man, he lost his temper and slaughtered Neeraj, a TV executive in a fit of jealousy. What seemed to have helped Mr Mathew and Ms Susairaj is that the prosecution was able to provide only circumstantial evidence and could not conclusively prove that the couple had conspired to kill Mr Grover. It was also unable to establish a motive for murder for Ms Susairaj.

The judge said, "The killing took place on the spur of the moment. Obviously any man who finds his fiance with another man will get upset and lose control."

But, the release has raised hue and cry alongwith heated up debates all over the nation. Neeraj Grover's family and friends insist that justice has been denied and that the truth must be revealed.

A group of Grover"s friends gatecrashed into the media conference shouting slogans, and holding placards that read: “Justice for Neeraj Grover — Stop promoting crime/criminals".

The slain man"s friends made sure they attended the press conference called on the very day that Susairaj was released from Byculla women"s jail as she has already been in jail during the trial for three years, the length of her sentence.

Outraged over Maria Susairaj's release from jail, Neeraj Grover's friends said that that the 30-year-old had used the young TV executive to further her dreams in showbiz. They also slammed filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma"s decision to make a movie based on her.

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