Female suicide bomber involved in Multan bomb attack

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Lahore, Jun 27: Though suicide bombing is not a new phenomenon, shockingly in recent years there have been an increase in female suicide bombers in Arabian countries. In an incident on Sunday, Jun 26 the Pakistani Taliban group had sent a husband and wife suicide squad to carry out an attack on a police station in northwestern Pakistan that killed 10 people, a rare instance of militants using a woman as a bomber.

Imtiaz Shah, a senior police official said that the couple entered the Kolachi police station on Saturday, Jun 25 with an excuse to lodge a complaint. Once they entered, the couple attacked with grenades and machine guns, triggering a fivehour standoff with police.

Both attackers, including the woman wearing a burqa, eventually blew themselves up. They killed eight police officers and two civilians, said Mohammad Hussain, another police official.

"This shows how much we hate Pakistani security institutions ," Pakistani Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan said. Ahsan claimed it was the first time the militant group had used a female suicide bomber.

The Police officials gave certain examples of such suicide bombings where females have played the lead role. A female suicide bomber wearing a burqa had attacked a World Food Program food distribution centre in northwestern Pakistan in late 2010, killing 45 people.

The Khar bomb attack was claimed to have carried out by a female suicide bomber. This shows that Islamic militants in Iraq have used female suicide bombers several times because women in burqas are seen able to pass through security more easily.

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