Hacker uses PayPal account to buy Condom for elderly woman!

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Cyber attack
Melbourne, Jun 17: If you find your Facebook page altered or losing money from PayPal account, you would be the latest victim of a high profile hacking. After the hacker group, Lulz Security posted e-mail, passwords, and other personal information of more than million web users, many users around the globe complained of losing money or intrusion to their personal social networking sites.

The hacker group Lulz Security, which was allegedly behind the attack on CIA website, US Senate website, SonyPictures and many more government websites had posted personal details including e-mail IDs, PayPal passwords, credit card numbers, Facebook passwords etc.

Other cyber criminals with these confidential information's, hacked to Facebook and PayPal accounts to blackmail the users. Some of them entered Facebook accounts and sent obscene messages to friends. Some others lost money from their PayPal account.

One user complained of losing $712 from his PayPal account, after he found the hacker bought an Apple iPhone through his account.

The Lulz Security followers on Twitter account posted their comments claiming their success in hacking others account using the leaked data. One of the follower thanked the hacker group after getting £250 from one of the PayPal account.

Another follower claimed he bought a packet of condoms for an elderly woman using the online store Amazon.

Some of the followers posted screen shots of the Facebook accounts they hacked. Lulz Sec followers claimed of having access to Xbox Live, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Security experts added that the hackers are able to login to multiple accounts as many web users use the same passwords across various sites and services.

Australian government has asked people to use different passwords for various web services including e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal etc.

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