Stop spying on Assange, remove cameras: Aide to Brit govt

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Julian Assange
London, Jun 17: The whistle-blower, who has stormed the world several times with his bombastic revelations, has been captured under house arrest. At least the present circumstances claim so. It's none other than Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks.

The key aide of Assange and WikiLeaks team member, Sarah Harrison informed that Assange and Co have noticed hidden cameras which have allegedly been placed by the British government for spying on WiKiLeaks' founder.

In a video released recently by WikiLeaks - titled 'House Arrest', Harrison said, "We suddenly noticed them appearing since we have been here. We believe they are monitoring everything that goes in and out of the property."

"For his movements and those of his visitors to be monitored in this way constitutes an outrageous invasion of personal privacy. These cameras must be removed immediately," chided Harrison criticising the alleged move of the British government.

Several allegations including attempt to rape charges have been raised against 39-year-old Assange. However, he has overruled all accusations against him.

British government's "spying on Assange" created ruckus at the region where Assange has moved recently. Civil liberties campaign groups have slammed the government.

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