Mahatma Gandhi's face carved on Mars?

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London, Jun 14: An Italian space freak has claimed that he has found the face of India's freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi carved on mars after closely examining the pictures of the planet.

Matteo Lanneo was going through the pictures that were sent from Europe's Mars Orbiter, when he bumped into a photograph that resembled Mahatma Gandhi, reported the Daily Mail.

The head carved on the rock looked like it had moustache and the head was shaved with striking eyebrows like the one Bapu had, the Daily Mail quoted Matteo Lanneo as saying.

According to experts this is not the first time a face was seen on Mars. The American Viking 1 Orbiter clicked a picture of a photograph in the year 1976 that showed a hill shaped like a human face on the surface of the planet.

After it was discovered in 1976, space freaks speculated that the work could be man-made and probably made by aliens in the past.

However, a photograph taken by Nasa's high definition HiRISE camera in the year 2010 showed that the face was nothing but just a rock hill.

The case of seeing a face on Mars is called pareidolia. According to scientists, it occurs because human beings are tend to recognise objects that look familiar as a technique of survival, said the report.

The European Space Agency have completed their eight years in the space. The orbiter takes high-resolution pictures and surveys the subsurface by using radars.

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