Salman Khan comments on Baba Ramdev's fast

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Baba Ramdev
Mumbai, Jun 4: With Baba Ramdev's fast-unto-death currently underway at the Ram Lila grounds in Delhi against corruption and black money, there is yet another Khan who has expressed apprehension on the fast.

The iconic bad boy of Bollywood, Salman Khan has chosen to be mild in his comment unlike Shah Rukh Khan who lambasted Ramdev on his real intentions in carrying out the fast.

Salman Khan expressed confusion on why Baba Ramdev had to undergo fasting to wipe the country off corruption. He said, "Why is he going on a hunger strike? Isn't he a yogi teaching yoga?"

He added, "I know his intention is good, but I think there are better ways for him to stop corruption." He also added, "The yogi has numerous followers across the nation. If he wants to put an end to corrupt practices, he should spread the message through them and motivate people to stop giving bribes."

Though Salman had reservations on the method used by Baba Ramdev, he wished Baba the best and success in his mission.

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