Pak witnesses 26/11 kind attack;1st victim of Osama's death?

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Karachi, May 23: It seems that Pakistan, which allegedly masterminded the Mumbai 2008 terror attacks and provided shelter to the former al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, has confronted with 26/11 kind of attacks. The terror attacks are believed to be done to avenge Osama's death.

The Pakistan Taliban, Tehreek-e-Taliban has claimed responsibility for the terror attacks which had started on Sunday (May 22) night. 10 militants attacked the naval base, PNS Mehran in Karachi. According to Geo News reports, the terrorists used rocket propelled grenades to damage and destroy several warplanes including Pakistan navy's premier anti-submarine attack jet - the US made P-3C Orion. The gun-battle still continues on Monday. The terror attack has left more than ten people dead so far.

Reports suggest that there is a hostility situation and the terrorists have taken over a building in the military complex. The terror group reportedly claimed that the attack is to avenge Laden's death and they wants to prove their presence in the region.

Pakistani interior minister Rehman Malik said, "The nation should support our forces and condemn al-Qaeda. al-Qaeda and the Taliban are against Pakistan and they're a threat to Pakistan and today nobody should have any doubt that this attack is actually an attack on Pakistan. I believe that this is an attack on Pakistan. And this is now a responsibility of every citizen of Pakistan to condemn this act and also condemn those who are supporting al-Qaeda and the Taliban and issuing statements in their favour, and praying for them. I believe that they are not Muslim and neither are they well- wishers of Pakistan."

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